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FROM ALL OF us at “Your” Parks and Recreation Department, we would like to wish you and your amilies a happy and healthy holiday season and joyous New Year! Tere’s no better way to have a happy and healthy holiday season and start 2015 with a bang than taking part in the many un, healthy and exciting programs and activities we have throughout the City, at Green Acres and the Stacy C. Sherwood Community Center. In addition to programming rom ree movie nights at Sherwood to incredible tness opportunities at Green Acres, we have amazing events planned. Old own Square, the new downtown park with an interactive water eature, will ofcially have its grand opening on April 18, 2015. Bring the amily and enjoy the estivities. On May 2, 2015, we launch the rst “Derby-Q,” a BBQ, brews, bourbon and blues estival, which sounds yummy and un. We also will restart the Rock the Block series on Friday, May 15. You can nd these events and others, such as the Annual Egg Hunt and Mother- Son Campout, on page 52 and 55 o Leisure imes. Don’t orget that our parks and trails are some o the best in the region and always available to you or your recreational needs. From sledding on a snowy day to pickup games or just walking your dog, “your” parks are there or your enjoyment year round. As the director o “your” Parks and Recreation Department, I can assure you all o us are committed to providing the best services, parks and acilities possible or your continued enjoyment. We strive to provide “amazing experiences” and invite you to share your suggestions and comments on how we can continue to do so. Please eel ree to send an email, call, stop by in person or just drop an old ashioned letter. Have an amazing year! Sincerely, Michael McCarty, CPRP Director o Parks and Recreation Director’s Message Winter/Spring 2015 COUNCILMEMBER Michael J. DeMarco COUNCILMEMBER Jeffrey C. Greenfield COUNCILMEMBER Eleanor D. Schmidt MAYOR R. Scott Silverthorne COUNCILMEMBER Nancy F. Loftus COUNCILMEMBER David L. Meyer COUNCILMEMBER Janice Miller Mayor and City Council Social Media and Parks and Recreation make our experiences even more AMAZING! CityFFXParksRec CityFFXParksRec CityFFXParksRec CityofFairfaxVA CityFFXParksRec 2 City of Fairfax | Parks and Recreation Our Vision: “Amazing Experiences”

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