Future Member Brouchure 2014

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HOW MUCH TIME WILL THIS TAKE? As a high school band student, you are already in the Patriot Marching Band. This collective unit performs regularly throughout the fall semester at football games and competitive marching events. Our competition are held on a Saturday during the month of October. Beyond that, other opportunities for students to participate include solo and small ensemble contests as well as private lesson s for stu- dents during their band class or immediately before or after school, neither of which are mandatory, but highly encouraged. Students will also be required to engage in regular home practice routines like having home - work from a regular class. These skills are the same that you acquired during your wonderful middle school experiences!! Additional optional activities can include jazz ensemble, pit orchestra for the Spring musical, and Youth orchestra through YOG C. We have ways for everyone to get involved and experience the best high school band has to offer!! STUDENTS CAN PARTICIPATE IN: MARCHING BAND SYMPHONIC BAND NTERMEDIATE BAND JAZZ BAND PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE COLOR GUARD DANCELINE AP MUSIC THEORY HOW MUCH MONEY Fortunately, NOT MUCH! Sure it will cost SOME money, but we are able to work out arrangements to maximize finan- cial aide during the year. After an initial payment due at the begin- ning of August, the rest of the fees are spread out over the course of several months to help out our band family. The band has a REGISTRATION DAY each year (first Saturday in August) where you can come and buy any needed sup- plies for the year. From band shirts, uni- forms parts, (shoes, Gloves), to instrument needs (reeds, tuners, etc.), you can take care of all of this in one stop. WILL THIS COST? As with all band programs, fundraising opportunities are held throughout the year to make sure that all students have the opportunity to participate in all band ac- tivities. Every other year the band takes a winter trip outside of the Columbus area. This coming December we are taking a trip to Washington DC!!! Very often, there are fundraisers through- out the year to help offset the overall cost of being in band. Other opportunities to raise money for the band occur through our amazing BAND BOOSTER CLUB members. WILL BEING IN BAND AFFECT MY CHILDS’S GRADES? YES - research shows that participation in band will affect your child’s grades for the better. On average, stu- dents who participate in school music organization score 89 points higher on standardized tests like the SAT than students without musical coursework. Also, 70% of the nation’s major universities report that participation in a musical organization is a higher con- sideration than standardized test scores for admission decisions. In addition, many real world business concepts are explored and taught in band. Leadership, team building, in- ter personal relationships, and managements skills are a regular part of the band environment. Regular training in these subjects are taught throughout the year.

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