Minnesota Council on Foundations

Published on December 3, 2014

INTRODUCTION 2014 GIVING IN INTRODUCTION Giving in Minnesota, 2014 Edition, is the Minnesota Council on Foundation’s annual report on philanthropy in Minnesota. This edition includes inormation about $1.6 billion granted by Minnesota oundations and corporate giving programs, as well as a detailed analysis o almost 28,000 grants o $2,000 or more given by Minnesota’s largest grantmakers. The 2014 Edition eatures inormation on overall giving in 2012, which includes data rom the fscal years o Minnesota oundations and corporate giving programs that ended between June 1, 2012, and May 31, 2013. This is the most recent time period or which complete data are available. Because all grantmakers do not use the same fscal year, and because oundations are allowed several months to fle an IRS 990 or 990-PF tax return, there is some lag time beore data are available to MCF or analysis. CONTENTS •MinnesotaGivingOverview •CongressionalDistrictGiving •NationalGivingintoMinnesota •AbouttheSample •GrantmakingbySubjectArea • Arts, Culture and Humanities • Education • Environment/Animals • Health • Human Services • International Aairs • Public Aairs/Society Beneft • Religion •GeographiesServed •IntendedBenefciaries •SupportTypes •PrivateFoundations •CorporateGrantmakers •Community/PublicFoundations •Methodology This report is a compilation o 20 individual act sheets that summarize the research fndings and describe the methodology. Additional details are available rom MCF as noted throughout the report. Fact sheets in the report include: 2