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Item Code Description of Work Unit Location / Component Length Width Height / Depth Area / Volume No of Item Total Qty of Works Unit Rate Amount SL No 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1 Labour for compacted WBM base course with crusher run aggregate made of well burnt picked and 1st class bricks or stone having compacted thickness as per specifications including local handling, hand packing, watering, dry rolling followed by wet rolling in layers of specified loose thickness with 8~10 tonne road roller to achieve soaked CBR not less than 80% at a degree of compaction to minimum 98% (Modified Proctor ) blinding with sandy soil as filler material of PI value not exceeding 9 @0.012m3/m2 etc all complete as per direction of the Engineering-in-charge. After adequate dry rolling sprinkling of water and rolling is to be continued until all the voids are filled, wave of grout/slurry flushes ahead of the roller. Thickness of each layer should not be more than 125mm loose and Payment will be made on compacted thickness. The rate excludes the cost of brick aggregates. cum 4. 417.0002.4300.100101.3311.00101.331 101.331271.8527546.83 Brick on end edging (75mm across) with 1st class/picked bricks including cutting trenches true to level & grade including removing earth, re-filling & ramming the sides properly & filling the gaps with local sand, etc. all complete as per direction of the E-I-C. m 5. 417.000417.0002.00834.000 834.00084.0970131.06 Providing tack coat with 60/70 or 80/100 penetration grade straight run bitumen complying with the requirements of ASTM/AASHTO applied by mechanical distributor @1.00kg/m2 and at a temperature between 175°C and 185°C including heating bitumen, surface cleaning, etc. all complete as per direction of the E-I-C. sqm 6. 417.0002.4301013.3101.001013.310 1013.31099.98101310.73 Prime coat with cut back bitumen to be prepared by cutting back 60/70 or 80/100 penetration grade straight run bitumen (conforming to the requirements of ASTM/ AASHTO in the ratio of 100 parts by volume of bitumen to 40-60 parts by volume of kerosene depending on the porosity of the surface and will be decided by field trials when correct amount will be the quantity that is completely absorbed within 24 hours including carefully cleaning of the surface of the granular base material to be primed and spraying cut back bitumen at a temperature from 100°C to 120°C by mechanical distributor @1.2 litre/m2 etc. complete as per direction of the E-I-C sqm 7. 417.0002.4301013.3101.001013.310 1013.310111.08112558.47 Page 2 Scheme Code : 41909-13-10001