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Warfel Construcon Company is one of the mid-Atlanc region’s oldest and largest provid- ers of construcon management and general contracng services. What began as a modest two-man operaon in 1911, has evolved into a highly diverse, professional rm, employing over 160. Widely regarded among the industry for our eorts in sustainable building prac- ces, ethical standards, and providing innovave construcon soluons, we have averaged nearly $90 million in annual sales over the past three years. Partners (L - R) • Mahew B. Hartzler, LEED AP - President • Rupert H. Taylor - Execuve Vice President/CFO • Ralph E. Simpson Jr. PE - CEO Personnel • Oce Sta • Field employees Principals 3 Superintendents 21 Project Managers 8 Foremen 15 Preconstrucon 7 Carpenters 46 Esmang 11 Laborers/Apprences 18 Project Engineers 9 Safety/Operaons 4 Fin/Admin/Mktg/IT 21 • ELEVEN LEED ACCREDITED PROFESSIONALS ON STAFF • THREE LEED GREEN ASSOCIATES ON STAFF Services Provided • Preconstrucon Services • LEED/Green Building Consulng • Construcon Management • General Contracng • Design/Build • VDC (Virtual Design and Construcon) • Special Services/Facility Services Area of Work • Mid-Atlanc States Labor Affiliation • Merit Shop Primary Workload - New Construction and Renovation • Senior Care and Healthcare Facilies • Higher Educaonal Facilies and Private/Public K-12 • Commercial and Hospitality • Historic Restoraon Clients For Life Company Profile

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