Warner Theatre 2013-2014 Annual Report

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2 Leadership   We   are   pleased   to   bring   to   you   our   inaugural   Annual   Report   for   the   Warner   Theatre.   This   means   of   communication   to   our   friends   and   stakeholders   is   long   overdue,   and   we   hope   this   serves   as   a   demonstration   of   our   accountability   to   you   and   our   mission.     There   is   not   ample   room   on   this   page   to   share   with   you   each   challenge   faced   in   this   last   year,   nor   every   opportunity   created   or   offered   that   served   to   advance   the   Warner.   But,   suffice   it   to   say,   that   both   challenges   and   opportunities   were   numerous   and   significant.   And,   when   aggregated   over   the   course   of   the   year,   the   Warner   has   been   left   stronger   and   poised   for   growth.     Most   notably   in   this   past   year,   we   reconstituted   the   Board   and   its   committee   structure,   we   hired   a   permanent   Executive   Director,   stabilized   our   staffing   model,   entered   a   historic   business   agreement   with   Infinity   Hall   for   contemporary   music   presentations,   entered   a   new   and   exciting   relationship   with   the   Torrington   Public   Schools   for   expanded   arts   education   programming,   and   restructured   our   debt   and   improved   our   financial   position.   This   has   all   resulted   in   a   new   vibe   and   promise   at   the   Warner,   and   we   trust   you   have   experienced   it   as   well.      I   am   convinced   we   are   moving   in   the   right   direction,   and   although   the   arts   and   entertainment   industry   is   complex   and   unpredictable,   the   Warner   is   reestablishing   itself   as   a   resilient,   well ‐ positioned,   and   forward ‐ thinking   arts   organization.   Thank   you   for   your   support   and   encouragement   –   it   fuels   us,   and   brings   out   the   best   in   all   who   care   about,   experience,   and   believe   in   the   Warner   Theatre.            Sincerely,          Brian   Mattiello          Chairman   of   the   Board      Executive   Director,   Lynn   Gelormino     Northwest   CT   Association   For   The   Arts,   Inc.   d/b/a   The   Warner   Theatre   Board   of   Directors   Brian   Mattiello   Chairman   Andrew   Smith    Vice   Chairman    Nancy   Wadhams    Recording   Secretary    Vic   Muschell    Corporate   Secretary    Trish   Shishkov    Treasurer      Frank   Buonocore,   Jr.    Gladys   Y.   Cerruto    Harris   Daigle    Susan   Fergusson   Dr.   Ruth   Gonzalez    Richard   Maine     Dr.   John   C.   Norman    Kevin   Purcell    Louisa   Roraback    Glenn   Royals    JoAnn   Ryan    Jack   Tarter        Emeritus:     Charles   Brower   Marvin   “Muff”   Maskovsky   Ken   Merz  

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