Thanh Giong

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The story of Thanh Giong Once a poner time there was a small village. In the village there lived a husband and wife, they were a very happy couple. But there was one problem, the wife can’t have a child. But one day when she went out to her garden there was an object with a blanket wrapped around it. She came closer and it was a baby! She quickly but gently pick up the baby and ran in the house to show her husband. They then think of a name for the baby. They decide to call him Thanh Giong. A few years after they have found and adopt Thanh Giong and Thanh Giong was about 9 to 10 years old. But he still don’t know how to walk or talk. Giong’s parent was very sad and disappointed and at the sametime happy that they finally have a child. as Giong sit under the shade of a tree and Giong’s mom work in her garden, suddenly the king’s messenger followed by the king’s troop were marching by Giong’s house. The messenger was shouting “Please leave the village! There is an army coming in about a week to destroy the village!” Suddenly as Giong’s mom heard this, she heard another voice but it was a child’s voice. “Please, bring me metal armor and a metal horse.” Said the voice. “I will protect this village if you bring me these things.” As Giong mom turned around she saw a child standing up with his hand behind his back talking like an adult! She was shocked, but she don’t know what about, was it that the village was about to be destroyed or the fact that her 10 year old child that never talked or walked is standing up talking and about to go to war. The messenger nodded his head and ran back to the palace. After Giong said this he went and tell his mom to give him food. He started to eat everything it took every food in the village to make him full! After a few days of eating he was now more than 7 feet tall. The messenger came with the horse and armor. He was shocked at what he saw. Just 4 days ago he was a young small child, now he was more than 7 feet tall! As Giong wore the armor he chuckled at how small it was. Then he came to the metal horse and gave it a gentle pat on the back and the horse fell down on the ground! The messenger was shocked. “This will be no good, go back and remake everything. twice the metal and twice the power! oh and give me a giant metal stick.” Giong said with a smile. The next 5 days and the messenger came back with 12 mens behind him. 5 carrying the armors, 3 carrying the stick and 4 pulling the horse. “The horse, armor and stick is made by the finest engineer.” said the messenger. Giong then put on the armor and got on the horse. He gave it a small kick and horse went flying, literally it flew. As Giong flew he saw the army coming toward the village, he then got off the horse and with one swing of his stick it took out 20 soldier. He continued to swing his stick but then the stick hit a rock and broked. He quickly got a giant bamboo and swing. Soon the army retreat. As he got home he was quickly rewarded by the king. As time past he then past, but his village will always know him as the hero. That save their lives. (I got this story from my mom. Several time. Retold by Harry.)

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