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Published on December 3, 2014

Watermark Summer 2014 P20 S ome people just get on with things. In his words, Rod Spooner “let school a bit early” and by that he didn’t mean he let at lunchtime when he should have been there until 3.30. In his early teens, he escaped the classroom altogether and joined his ather in the amily business to “live on the back o a bulldozer or eight or nine months.” That was to work with a team making a small lake in the midst o what would become known as Caribbean Gardens, one part o the 51-acre (20-hectare) property Rod’s ather had bought in 1942. It has grown to be a 500-acre enterprise comprising the Caribbean Gardens, the Caribbean Market and the Caribbean Business Park in Scorseby, south-east o Melbourne’s city centre (the amily also developed the St Kilda Marina – it seems there’s nearly always water in the mix). In the 1940s, the site was well out in the country; now it’s surrounded by the suburbs and fanked on one side by the EastLink Toll road. It was a very canny purchase all those decades ago. The small lake – which is now a substantial one at 64 acres – was built as a testing acility or their boatbuilding business, International Marine, which manuactures boats All four generations of the Spooner family share a love of the lake and there’s no stopping their enthusiasm for it. Words: JIM DARBY The great leveller The great leveller