Clash Magazine Double Page Spread Analysis

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Clash Magazine Double Page Spread Analysis Part 2: This article uses a drop cap which follows the magazine conventions and also draws the reader to the beginning of the article. With the background being white, it lets the black test stand out extremely well, allowing nothing to affect the attention on the content. ‘TORRENTIAL REIGN’ is in a very unique font to the rest of the magazine, which could suggest an uneasy to the page, making it uncomfortable to the The deep black line underneath the sub heading and the four included inside draws attention to the text, they say the words ‘our favourite former kid’ this again adds to the point of mystery, making the reader want to read the article in a sneaky way, it’s a very clever use of language. The minimal amount of colour adds maturity to the page, it also follows the colour scheme from the main image by using a shade of green off of the boys top. This small piece of colour connects the two pages elegantly. This small squiggly line down the left hand side of the page seems to be separating the image from the content. It shows the readers that this is where the reading begins; it also suggest that its more classy, as they don’t want either media mixing on each page and proving that they don’t need to. The layout follows the general layout of all double page spreads; it’s in columns of three with the titles and headings above. There is no pull quote used in this double page spread which again emphasises the elegance of the page, showing they don’t need tacky quotes to grab the reader’s attention, they’re found other ways to draw them in, by using intelligent language which doesn’t let the reader feel like they’re forced into reading the content and in fact they want to. The content in the actual article shows that this magazine is for a much more mature and older audience, as they mention a film ‘Watership Down’ which was in fact made in 1978, so no regular teenage girl or boy will know of this, or the song they are in fact talking about. There are no images floating around this page, and no puffs or ads, or text out of place, which again adds to the maturity level of the page. The green box with text is on the slant which also adds an edgy feel to the magazine, but not too much to make it feel tacky or childlike. This page is following the rule of thirds, they are following conventions, and this is very common in all magazines.

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