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Mock Exam Timetable - December 2014 Start time End imeSubject Classes involvedDuration Date Start time End imeSubject Classes involved Duration MORNING SESSION   AFTERNOON SESSION 08:5010:35Maths Paper 1All Yr 11s1hr 45 m Mon 8th December 14:0015:00 Science All Yr 11s1hr 08:5009:50 English LiteratureAll Yr 11s1hr ues 9th December 14:0015:00 Languages French/ Spanish All classes1hr 08:5009:503D Design11/De21hr Weds 10th December 14:0015:45 Maths Paper 2 All Yr 11s1hr 45 m 08:5009:50 Food echnology11/Fd1hr 08:5009:50Geography11/Ge31hr 08:5009:50IC11/It21hr 08:5009:50PE11/Pe21hr 08:5009:50riple Science11/s21hr 08:5009:50Geography 11/Ge1 11/Ge21hr Turs 11th December 14:0015:00 English Language All Yr 11s1hr 08:5009:50History 11/Hi1 11/Hi21hr 08:5009:503D Design11/De11hr Fri 12th December 14:0015:00 Science GCSE (Year 10) All Yr 10s1hr 08:5009:50History11/Hi31hr 08:5009:50IC11/It11hr 08:5009:50PE11/Pe21hr 08:5009:50riple Science11/s11hr Achievement in a Caring Environment sports news m 17h nv Year 7 Girls’ Futsal - Our girls played their frst ever Futsal fxtures in a round robin tournament held at Newbridge High School. We played against Newbridge, Charnwood College and Shepshed High School. Although the girls lost all o their fxtures they did incredibly well or their frst ever run out. Well done girls! tu 18h nv - Basketball v Rawlins. Year 10/11 Girls’ lost 9-17 - Limehurst played some good basketball against a very well drilled Rawlins team who look good enough to go on and win the league. Our girls gave 100% and learned some key aspects regarding tactics to take into our next fxture. Year 8 Girls’ lost 4-37 - Te Rawlins team Year 8 Girls’ team played antastical ly well, our girls gave 100% but simply came up against better opposition. It was a good learning curve or Limehurst who worked hard. Year 8 Boys’ lost 2-25 - Te boys also aced a really strong Rawlins team, our lads worked hard on and o the ball but the tactical awareness o the Rawlins team proved too much. A good eort rom the boys. wd 19h nv - Leicestershire U13 Boys’ able ennis Championships: - Back in September our lads won the North Charnwood championships at De Lisle College and qualifed or the county fnals. Tese were held at Judgemeadow Community College, the best 8 best schools in the county took part. Te schools were split into two pools to determine the best our teams, each schoo l played the other three in their pool. Our lads fnished third in their pool and were then placed into the plate competing or 5t h, 6th, 7th and 8th place in the county. Our lads won the plate competition fnishing 5th in the whole o Leicestershire. A huge well done to Maahir, Majed, Bipin and Connor (Connor our number one ranked player was the best player at the tournament winning 11/12 o his games- beating the number one player rom the top two schools in the process!) wd 19h nv - U14 Badminton - Our under 14 Boys’ and Girls’ teams hosted two schools - Woodbrook Vale and Martin High School. Some antastic badminton was on played in a jam-packed evening o sport in the Limehurst Sports Hall. Te results were: U14 By’ won 6-2 vs Woodbrook Vale, U14 By’ lost 8-0 vs Martin High School A, U14 By’ won 5-3 v Martin High School B, U14 gil’ lost 7-1 v Martin High School, WBV didn’t bring a girls team. Tu 20h s - U16 Badminton v Woodbrook Vale - Our U16 Boys’ won 5-3 - Mijaan was excellent or Limehurst. Our U16 Girls’ lost 6-2, our girls gave 100% eort against some good WBV players. Please see details o this week’s Fixtures on Page 1.

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