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Flipsnack lets you create digital publications that look and feel like the real item without having to install any software. Showcase exotic travel destinations or design intriguing travel guides online in a format that is realistic and completely responsive.


How to make a travel brochure

Travel brochure making has never been easier than it is now. With our cloud based software you have three ways in which to make a brochure or travel guide. These three ways are:

Converting a PDF file

Upload a pre-made PDF and turn it into an HTML5 format that looks great on all devices

Designing from scratch

Use our powerful editor to build your travel brochures element by element

Starting from a template

We have several pre made templates that you can customise it to your liking in minutes

Travel brochure examples

Here are some hand picked travel brochure examples converted from PDFs into digital HTML5 publications. These are great for teaching students or for inspiration for travel agencies.


Lots of features to benefit from


Easy to use

An intuitive interface and simple process makes travel brochure making a breeze.

Professional look

Presentation is everything in the travel industry. Make sure yours is top notch.

Easy sharing

Published travel brochures can be shared instantly on social media, email or direct link.


Your logo

Make sure people know whose brochure this is. Add your logo to the widget enhance branding.

Responsive design

The best thing about HTML5 publications is that they look amazing on all devices and browsers


Rich media

Recreate the experience of travel inside your brochures by adding rich media like video and audio.

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