FACS banding Stockton

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ht s r ess to re? by lw w v to st out t crcumstncs undr wc w wll provd support srvcs to popl wo com to us for lp. T Dprtmnt of hlt provds  ntonl st of lglty crtr, clld Fr accss to Cr Srvcs. elglty crtr r t ruls w v to follow to dtrmn wo qulfs for  srvc. How do these rules work? Undr ts ruls w v to ssss popl’s crcumstncs nd consdr, wt tm (nd tr crr f ty ws), spcts of tr lf wc r cntrl to mntnng tr ndpndnc, suc s: • autonomy (frdom to dtrmn on’s own ctons nd to mk cocs) • hlt nd sfty, ncludng frdom from rm, us or nglct • alty to mng prsonl nd otr dly routns • involvmnt n fmly nd wdr communty lf. 1

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