Flowfold Brochure

November 25, 2014  |  By  | 

SENSE RANGE FlowFold - a better way of living SS The Flowfold range Research has proved it, but even without the science, we all know that natural light is good for us. It improves our mood and makes us healthier. Add fresh air and an inspiring living space and you’re well on the way to life as it should be. Humans weren’t designed to be shut away in dark, little boxes and now we don’t need to be. We can live life, to the full, in beautiful, light-lled, open, airy homes. The familiar outwards-opening style of the casement window has been brought right up to date with the OutLook range of PVCu frames. Wave goodbye to draughts, condensation and cold spots – OutLook frames are built to withstand the weather and to insulate your home. Wave goodbye to painting frames and sticking windows – OutLook frames won’t warp and need almost no maintenance. Wave goodbye to ugly old frames and say hello to windows designed to truly complement your home.

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