COM 440 Week 5 Individual Assignment Explicit Communication or F

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For more classes visit • Prepare a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper on either sexually explicit communication or fair trial. o Sexually Explicit Communication Paper Critique the regulation of current obscenity laws. Use both your text and outside research. Address the following questions within your paper: • Describe the Miller Test. What are community standards? Are community standards an appropriate way to determine obscenity? • How do legislators use time, manner, and place restrictions (such as zoning) to regulate the expression of obscene or erotic material? • How does recent federal regulation attempt to control obscenity? o Fair Trial Paper Analyze the legal balance between free press and the three important methods below by which the courts assure a fair trial. Address the following questions within your paper: • Traditional judicial remedies • Restrictive orders to control publicity • Closure of proceedings and Sealed documents

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