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Intranet Email Reflections is published by the Corporate Communications Team, Tesco, HSC Editorial Team Aniisu K Verghese Mithilesh Singh Medha Sundar Priyanka Sinha Udayabhanu Mohanty Content While we have made reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of the information contained herein, Tesco HSC cannot accept responsibility or liability whatsoever for reliance by any person on such information for any purpose whatsoever. http://hotspot/Buzz/Reflections/Pages/Welcome.aspx Editorial Dear Readers, Send in your nominations for the Reflections Editorial Council and contributions to the next issue to Regards, Reflections Editorial Team As Tesco HSC celebrates its 10th year anniversary this year we have now set ourselves a new vision for the coming decade. Keeping the customer at the heart of all our endeavours, this new vision aims to constantly connect our work with improving customer experience and increasing our contribution to Tesco’s operations and development. In this edition, we cover perspectives from our colleagues on how they view the vision and the connection to their work. This edition also features achievements and milestones – the critical role played by the Property Services Team in the launch of the first Star Extra Mall in Bangalore, a successfully completed phase of induction for colleagues hired from campus, the use of analytics to improve our communications, and more. Tesco HSC’s work with the community saw a lot of activity and significant contribution of funds. In this issue, we cover the fundraising event of October – the Joy of Giving Week. We also highlight the supportive work environment at HSC by featuring the crèche facility on our main campus. We invite nominations to join our Reflections Editorial Council. If you are passionate about writing, have experience with managing newsletters, or have a keen nose for news, we invite you to help steer how we shape this newsletter. We want to continue improving Reflections and make the content relevant and useful for your work. Do share with us your ideas and suggestions – look forward to hearing from you. Please do also share content such as highlights of your journey at Tesco HSC, travelogues, quizzes, articles, photos – we would love to showcase them in our next issue.