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ECET 310 Week 3 Assignment Homework 1


Published on January 25, 2016

For more course tutorials visit 1. An AM signal has an unmodulated carrier voltage VC = 10VP, a load resistance of RL = 10, and a modulation index of m = 1. Determine: Modulation (a) PC = Vc2/2/2(10)= PSB =PT-PC/2= (b) Total power in the AM signal 2. Find the modulation index corresponding to the given trapezoidal pattern for the AM signal. 3. You are tuned to an AM station at 1200 KHz. Write down the frequency components of the received AM signal. 4. Draw an AM signal for the given conditions: (a) b) m>1 c)m<1 5. An AM transmitter is transmitting at 1000 W. If the modulation index is 0.9 and antenna impedance is 50 ohms, find:

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