Robert John Kock

Robert John Kock


Robert Kock completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He served over 22 years as an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Mr. Kock also completed a successful career in the oil and gas industry, serving primarily in project management and leadership roles.

Mr. Kock has, over time, has explored keen interests in various healing and wellness modalities – both traditional as well as alternative and complimentary. Due to his pragmatic nature, he was only concerned whether a particular therapy worked – and the more scientific backing, the better.

Robert Kock first became aware of the work of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi in 2010 – first through a webinar, then at an event in Chicago, followed by a personal meeting in 2015. Mr. Trivedi has the ability to harness the energy from the universe and transmit it to living organisms or nonliving materials anywhere in the world.

Mr. Kock was impressed Mr. Trivedi’s numerous testimonials attesting to his healing abilities, but more so by his extensive 4,000 scientific studies in human health, cancer, microbiology, genetics, livestock, agriculture, biotechnology and materials science. This research has resulted in nearly 200 papers published in leading international peer-reviewed scientific journals, documenting measured results of the Trivedi Effect®.