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Teacher's Resource Pack


Published on December 3, 2014

Photocopiable © EducationWeb (2014)  Worksheet A Worksheet B Worksheet C 1. It’s a big dangerous mammal. 1. This wild animal lives in the forest. 1. It like honey. 2. It’s a wild animal like a large dog. 2. It hunts big animals (e.g. elks, deer) 2. It also sometimes eats hares, beavers, and birds. 3. It’s a long thin animal. 3. It has no legs. 3. It can’t bite food, so have to swallow it whole. 4. It’s a wild animal like a large rabbit. 4. It can run very fast. 4. It has long ears. 5. It’s a large wild animal. 5. It looks like a big cow with long hair. 5. It’s a symbol of Belarus. 6. It’s an animal with brown fur. 6. It has sharp teeth. 6. It can build dams (= walls made of pieces of wood) across rivers. 7. It’s a large white bird. 7. It has very long legs. 7. It walk around in water to find its food. 8. It’s a large wild animal. 8. It can jump high and swim well. 8. Most of them are born with white spots but lose them within a year. 9. It’s a large animal like a wild pig. 9. It eats plants and nuts. 9. It has tusks. 10. It’s a fish. 10. It’s a great hunter! 10. It lives in slow moving water. Answer Sheet Team name: ________________ 1. 8. 2. 9. 3. 10. 4. 5. 6. 7.