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Web 2.0 Tool Story Jumper

Sam Ashe

Published on December 3, 2014

Step 5: Tools • There are multiple tools given to you to use in your book. • First, there are the props, which you can do many different things to • This is a chart available on the website to guide you through the tools abilities • Second, there are scenes o The scenes are the backgrounds of the pages in your story ▪ Make note that the scene used for the rst page will also be on the front cover of the book o In the scene section, click the button scenes ▪ This will be under the props section on the left hand side. o Click more scenes if you do not like any given to you. o H ere you can search for different types of scenes, such as animals, monsters, etc. o You can also search keywords in the search bar o Clicking on these scenes will add them to the library you already have on the left o Once you have selected the scenes you like, you can click done . o ​ Don’t worry, you can always go back for more at anytime of your story