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The Cheating Chronicles

shaelyn lankford

Published on December 1, 2014

kiss. Becky stops and tells Fortunato to come to her room. They enter her room and begin kissing again. They get in the bed and begin doing their thing, right in the middle of it Montresor walks in the room.” What in the hell is going on in here?” He asks angrily In this moment, Becky hops out of bed and reaches for her clothes. “ Baby, I can explain, just calm down.” She tells Montresor. He automatically goes after Fortunato, but Fortunato try ʼ s to run. “This would have never happen, if you would have handled your business and treat Becky right!” Fortunato yells at Montresor. Montresor goes after him and starts to hit him and kick him. “Stop it, please stop it!” Becky yells. She panics and calls the police and tells them what is going on. Five minutes later, they are knocking at the door. “Hello, what do you guys want?” Montresor asks them. The police walks in to the house and asks what is going on. Becky tells them and they put handcuffs on Montresor and put him in the back of the police car. “Well, I guess it is time for me to leave.” Fortunato tells Becky. “I will call you tomorrow and check on you.” Fortunato replies as he leaves. Two months later....... Montresor is sitting in jail thinking of what to do to get out. “What are you in for?” someone asks him. As he is telling him what happened, the inmate begins to tell Montresor how to handle his situation. “What you need to do is get revenge, do what ever you think he deserves but do it twice as worse to him. Make him suffer and let him know what he did was out of line.” The inmate tells him. This is when Montresor comes up with the plan to kill Fortunato; but rst he must nd out why he betrayed him. Montresor writes Fortunato a letter but get no reply back. This is when Montresor gets released from jail and begins working on his revenge. The End