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Shearl C. LeVere | ASL: Learning Service/Observation Paper | November 23, 2014 vocabulary I could possibly remember. This experience was an amazing learning opportunity because I was able to have hands-on experience as well as visual learning from watching the communication my classmates encountered. Through this, I was able to add the word “brown cake” aka “brownie s ” to my repatouir of learned signs. My second experience, which just so happened to involve the same young men who previously taught me to make brownies, was serving dinner at the local Harrisonburg Salvation Army. This experience gave me insight from the perspective of The Deaf and how they use physical mannerisms to communicate with hearing individuals who might not have previous experience with American Sign Language. The middle school students were serving dinner to residents who were living in the Salvation Army and had to communicate the difference between Sausage, Pepperoni, and Cheese pizza. Obser ving these students’ ability to interact with the individuals they were serving was such an enlightening experience because it opened my eyes to the multitude of communication methods that The Deaf rely on aside from sign language. One of the young men pointed at the three topping choices as a form of clarification, while the other showed “s”, “p”, and “c” markings on the pizza boxes. Watching this interaction led me to ponder that many people do not know sign language, and therefore are lacking in knowledgeable communication tools just as I once was. I was amazed at the patience of the three young men as well as the residents to make patient communication clarification efforts. From this experience, I was able to learn the vocabulary word for “pizza”. I can say that this learning experience was by far one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever encountered — leading to my two week conversation about the experience with friends and family after the experience. In the essence of my first two observations being my favorite, I have one observation that I wasn’t so fond of. This service learning opportunity involved signing , and knowledge about deaf and hard of hearing technology. By working alongside my good friend Lily Akinosi, I was able to learn from her experience of growing up with two deaf parents. Thus, she is considered an expert in relation to knowledge about “ video phones ” , “deaf signalers”, and “vibrating doorbells”. After course discussion of these neat gadgets and technological advancements for The Deaf I was assigned a project

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