Shirley Theresa Holmlund

Shirley Theresa Holmlund


Shirley Holmlund graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree and a Diploma in Educational Media and Technology. She worked in several schools in Edmonton and Calgary, Canada. Her dynamic career as a teacher and Media Specialist, gave her the perfect setting for her life purpose of serving; students, staff, community, and giving system wide influence in lifelong learning. Student health and wellbeing were paramount, and she pursued strategies to optimise potential of all students and staff, and to elevate consciousness in her relationships and interactions, with all involved stakeholders. Team planning and execution, taught her the life skills of cooperation and high expectation for outcomes. She received two awards for her work of excellence in the promotion of media programs; and nominations for her exemplary qualities as a teacher.
Ms. Holmlund is a lifelong seeker of truth in reality and in spiritual awareness; developed from intuition and life experiences, as a child. These experiences were often beyond adult explanation, as her mindfulness about reality, nature and the universe were common questions. Catholicism morphed into a much more encompassing field of spirituality. Holistic health was demonstrated in her home, and the methods of healing observed, were later incorporated into her life. Her conscious approach to others, made her realise she had a gift to affect change, in a positive manner. Many people received healing relief from her efforts.