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Kendra Harris

Published on November 28, 2014

Page 2 YogaLife Many people do not consider yoga to be the best form or exercise, but they rather feel than running is the finest form. Running has been known to cause issues, such as joint pain and muscle tightness. Running is a high impact activity, and quads and hamstrings tend to become tight after a run. Continual stress of tight muscles can lead to injury, and, eventually, muscles need a chance to recover (De Caires). The excessive tightness caused by running creates instability in the body. If a person does not stretch properly before and after a run, then their muscles become shorter and tighter; the body will try to compensate by putting unnecessary pressure on the muscles, joints, and bones of the legs and spine (Fitday). Issues caused by running can be solved through the use of yoga. If people do not view yoga as a reliable exercise on its own, then they should reap the benefits of yoga by combining it with other forms of exercise. Many people consider running to be the best form of exercise, but running can be quite dangerous for the body. Yoga can be combined with other exercise like running in order to cancel out the negative impacts. Yoga helps loosen and lengthen all muscles of the body in order to reverse muscle tightness caused by running. Yoga helps align muscles and bones, so that the body functions efficiently while reducing stiffness and risk of injury. Difficult forms of yoga, Power Yoga and Ashtanga, can offer a full body workout to increase strength and stamina. Yoga can also be a restorative practice to help runners recover from an exhausting race (Fitday). Running is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise, but the body will be more balanced once people begin to combine the practice of yoga and running. Yoga can definitely stand on its own as a reliable form of exercise, but some people do not want to give up other forms of exercise like running, cycling, or swimming; the benefits of yoga are unlimited and they can continue to be helpful when combined with various forms of exercise. Solution: Combine Yoga with Running What about Running?