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CVs are a valuable part of your portfolio. They should tell the story of your career and guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the medical job. All you have to do is tailor your medical CV by selecting relevant responsibilities and accomplishments. With Flipsnack’s wide range of templates now you can craft your perfect resume.

Whether it is a dental assistant resume, a pharmacist CV or a nursing student resume, we can guarantee you’ll find a modern resume template for your needs. When creating a memorable CV pay close attention to what you put on the front page. Every important accomplishment should be positioned from the very beginning. This makes it easy for the person reviewing, for example, your medical receptionist resume to determine that you are worthy of a more elaborated review. It’s important to present a summary of your career, including professional history, educational background and job qualifications with a strong emphasis on demonstrating that you have all the skills needed for the position you are applying for.

Also, when filling out your CV avoid writing paragraph after paragraph of solid text. This can be off-putting to the reader. When you are done adding details, proofread it. Do not let silly typo create a bad impression and cost you the job opportunity. Once you are happy with your nursing resume template or medical CV, make it a flipbook, print it or share it via email with HR professionals.

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