Student Resume Templates

Did you recently graduate? Looking for job opportunities? Or maybe you are in high school and you want to apply for your first internship. Whichever the case might be, Flipsnack is here to save the day. Our wide selection of templates will help you position yourself as the best candidate. Whether it is a college student resume, a graduate CV or a high school student resume, do not worry, our template collection includes all the essential sections for a memorable CV.

First thing first, when you start customizing your resume be sure to start with a captivating personal statement or objective that highlights your skills and educational background. When filling up a resume for students, although you don't have an impressive work experience you can use this section to highlight voluntary services or relevant skills. Also be creative and expand your education section to give more value to your document. To create more than a simple CV, with the help of Flipsnack’s Design Studio you can add more sections. Include achievements such as awards. You can also add a hobby and interests section, that prove a love for learning.

When you are done adding details, proofread and edit the document multiple times before sending it to the employer. This way you can eliminate typos and grammatical errors that can send the wrong message and make a bad impression. Once you are happy with your design and the information you added you can make it a flipbook. Use our student CV templates, keep it relevant and you will land your dream job or internship in no time!

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