Dream House Project Fillable

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© 21 st Century Math Projects Procedures: A.) Student will complete “ Apartment Renovation ” (p. 4-9) to familiarize themselves with architectural symbols, scale, area and perimeter calculations. Students may not make the connection that to find the area of the walls they will need to find the perimeter of the figure and use the ceiling height. Students will get to sketch their own with a predetermined scale for practice. The handout Architectural Symbols (p.4) can be used as reference for every assignment. B.) Students will complete “ Design a Kitchen ” (p. 10-13) in which they will measure scale drawings of two kitchens and determine if they meet the building codes. They will then practice sketching a kitchen that does meet the code. C.) Students will complete “ New Home Builder ” (p. 14-19) which will ask them to be an appraiser for a new home builder. They will analyze blue prints of four different homes to determine the square footage. They will use the square footage totals and the “Nearby Home Sales” handout (p. 15) to appraise the property and set a price. D.) Students will begin “ Dream House ” . Pages 20-24 can be used as a student packet or handed out individually. Students will also need to refer to Architecture Symbols (p.4) and Kitchen Code (p. 10) and Nearby Home Sales (p. 15). Here is a copy of the instructions for students. Step 1: RESEARCH Websites like http://www.floorplanner.com/ contain a lot of ideas that you may find useful for your project. Most home builders also provide blue prints of their designs online for you to research. Step 2: DETERMINE SCALE How big of a home do you plan to build? Create a scale for your design that is realistic and matches your goals. Step 3: BLUE PRINTS Once you have determined the size of your scale, you’ll need to sketch the Blue Prints. In this project you will design your dream home that follows these requirements and limitations: 1. You must use the Architectural Symbols provided in the handout. 2. The home must be either one or two floors. 3. The kitchen design must meet the building code. 4. The home must include at least one bedroom, a kitchen, a laundry room, a bathroom and closet. Everything else is up to you. 5. All lines in the design must be straight. Step 4: CALCULATE & APPRAISE Once you have your drawing complete, it is time to determine the total square footage of the home. Complete Square Foot Measurements & Community Appraisal. Use the Nearby Home Sales to set a price for the Base Sale Price of your newly designed home. Step 5: PRESENT IT Once you have something that you have completed and you are proud of, it’s time to share it with your class!

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