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WE ARE THE PROUD FARMERS! WE ARE THE PROUD FARMERS! It must have been the relentless passion and commitment towards agriculture and a sense of responsibility towards fellow farmers that made of Sr. Amar Singh, founder and creator of Dasmesh Mechanical Industries (P) Ltd design and innovate a better agricultural machine which could harvest and thresh simultaneously way back in 1900. Today, after 00 years, the corporate continue to be a farmer- driven organization, flexible, agile and innovative representing a commitment to making agricultural producers successful. The company and its owners derive unmatched proud and pleasure by producing a number of mechanical breakthroughs in agriculture including advanced Harvesters, Combines, Combine-Harvesters utilized for harvesting Wheat, Paddy, Barley, Maize, Sunflower etc. At Dasmesh, we understand that from the seasons to the weather to the prices for fertilizer and seed, agriculture is ever changing. And that's why Advanced Farming equipments should be ever changing, too. It's because of our devotion to the technological future of the agriculture industry —as well as our confidence in the superiority of our products when compared to the competition — that we've produced some of the best and most reliable agricultural machineries and equipments. The bottom-line is to win the Trust. Our ever- increasing market share in India and omnipotent presence in countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Canada, Bangladesh, Thailand, Nigeria, Kenya and so many more vouches for our quality. The idea is to make our farmer friends enjoy the spring's fresh flow and autumn's golden glow with their productive efforts! “I'm just a farmer, Plain and simple. Not of a royal birth But rather, a worker of the Earth.” WE ARE THE HELPERS

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