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Soccer The Right Technique

Thomas Martin

Published on January 15, 2014

Sample pages of { Soccer The Right Technique } Foreign Publishers/Agents/Distributors interested in purchasing rights to my books please contact: T J. Martin at Description:There are currently more than 15 million Americans playing the fast-paced and exciting sport of soccer! and in Asia and China there are millions of young players starting to learn the sport, Soccer: The Right Technique contains more than 130 photos clearly illustrating the proper techniques for the most important soccer skills. Also included are 23 diagrams of fun games and drills that will help in the development of a child’s balance, listening, coordination and speed. This skills book is simple enough that children can practice on their own. It is perfect for an inexperienced coach, youth leader, parents, or anyone wanting to teach their child or team how to perform the most important skills in soccer with 100% accuracy. This is a dual language book, and can be used for people who are learning English as a second language.