Eric's Big Day

October 31, 2013  |  By  | 

A little boy named Eric rides his bicycle through his village to join his friend Emily for a picnic. Pedaling from his house, his trip is slowed as he aids wayward bike riders using helpful items from his backpack. The faster he rides to meet Emily, the more delays he encounters, until he tears off in a burst of speed. The cheers of a crowd surprise Eric; he has won a bike race! But where oh where is Emily? Children 4-8 will love this lighthearted tale of a boy who helps others and finds himself a winner, all while simply meeting a friend for a picnic. Hardcover with color illustrations. 10″ x 7 ¾”, 28 pp., $14.95, 9781937715236 AVAILABLE MARCH 2014 Learn more at Distributed by Ingram Publisher Services

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