ZAMA Company

Published on February 23, 2016

16 Customisation programs. We’ll shop the world for your personalised promotions! When your wish-list calls for a more specific level of customisation, WorldSource delivers it. Discover a greater choice of colours, features and tailor-made details. Our inspiration. Your personalisation. WorldSource satisfies different customisation needs through a choice of step-by-step Programs and individual item adaptation. Our template-approach provides an easy way to create highly personalised versions of a wide selection of items. When you need to be even more specific, our fully-customisable collection can be produced according to your preferred colours, sizes and details. Your unique Safety First message New to WorldSource for 2016, our Safety First Program with plasters, care-kits, first-aid kits and reflectors provides caring giveaways that meet current CE standards. Colourful and designed to raise a smile, these lighten the mood when mishaps happen and, in the case of reflectors, help avoid unwanted incidents. Customisable in a variety of ways, these are a great opportunity to stamp your name on appreciated little helpers.