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It was a sunny late summer day in New York City on September 9th 2001. Forty five year old NYC Firefighter Ben Thomas was on his way to a meeting at “The Fire Zone” to introduce the new Fishers Price children’s to “Billy Blazes”. This was part of the World Hero Project to raise money for the Children’s hospital. Ben and his two sons had come up with the design for Billy Blazes. His wife was glad that he was raising money for charity but hated that he was a firefighter, she believed it was too dangerous of a job. Ben tells her that they take safety precautions and he loves helping and rescuing people’s lives. On September 11th his wife’s worst fear had come true. While at the Fishers Price meeting, across the street from the Twin Towers, a plane had flew into the 80th floor of the South Tower. The building exploded and everyone rushed to get out of the way. Ben rushed out of the Fire Zone to see what the loud noise and all the screaming was for and realized that the plane had crashed into the building. His first thought was that the pilot had just lost control and accidently crashed. Ben realized he had a choice of either fleeing and getting himself to safety or suit up and help those that were in the building. Ben being a 25 year Lieutenant at the fire department knew that it was his job to rescue the innocent people in the building. As soon as he got his fire gear on Ben ran in the building searching for victims of the crash. As he rushed around the corner he found a woman huddled under a desk trapped by the flames. He yelled to the woman that he would get her out of there and to safety. All Ben could hear was her crying and was racking his brain to figure out how to save her. He looked around for a fire extinguisher and after minutes of searching found one hanging on the wall. Ben smashed the glass covering the extinguisher with his fist and quickly grabbed it. He yelled at the woman to cover her eyes and pushed the lever down to let the extinguisher spray out. After only thirty seconds the fire that was trapping the woman in her desk was gone. Ben grabbed her hand and started to lead her out of the building, when he realized the walls were cracking and that the building was collapsing. They were still far from the exit so Ben pushed the woman under a desk and hovered over her. As soon as the building gave out he laid on her body protecting her from anything that would fall. Ben let out a loud scream as he knew he was badly injured.

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