Flipsnack's Classroom plan is free amidst COVID-19

We understand the importance of technology in education. That’s why with our classroom plan, you can easily recreate your classroom in an interactive and digital workspace.

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The future of education begins with Flipsnack

We want everyone to have access to education. Especially in these hard times. This is why we're offering the Classroom plan for free. If you’re a teacher and you’d like to incorporate more technology into your classroom, get our plan for free.

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During this time when many teaching staff have been thrust into what can often be an overwhelming 'tech' jungle, this products simplicity encourages them to keep trying new things. Being able to produce beautiful resource materials quickly and painlessly has certainly made a difference to my staff.

Chris S.
School IT Manager

4 easy steps to set up your classroom account

1. Set up your account quickly by selecting the teacher/librarian role. In just a few minutes, your account will be finalized, and you can start exploring.

2. Add students by email by going to My Flipbooks, clicking on your account logo in the bottom left, selecting the teammates tab, and inputting their email.

3. Now that all your students have been added, you can upload teaching materials, check projects, and give feedback quickly, all in real-time.

4. All students need to do is accept the teacher’s invite. Once they’re in, they can start working on their school assignments.

Get creative for your school projects with our templates

Flipsnack has 1000+ professionally designed templates that are all fully customizable and free to use.

We wanted to provide a way for students to finish their assignments in a quick and easy way, whether it be magazines, newspapers, book reports, classroom posters, or anything else.

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School is fun when you use Flipsnack

Students love watching videos. Why don’t you take advantage of that and add an extra layer of interactivity in all your publications? Creating lesson plans can be entertaining and engaging. You will definitely see an improvement in the way students engage with your teaching materials. Explore this further and ask them to do the same.

Collaborate with students like never before

Flipsnack’s classroom plan is the perfect tool for online learning