New: private flipbooks, cover customization and more

Jani / News and updates / July 1st, 2013


Hello you,

We’re very proud of our FlipSnack; it is getting better and better as we are trying to make it the best flipbook maker on the market. Today we’re announcing some new features, and we’re telling you a secret: there’ll be even more soon.

Here they are:

1. Publishing options: public or unlisted

This feature is only available to premium users, who will be able to choose their preferred publishing method:

  • public – your flip appears on your FlipSnack profile and in searches (in FlipSnack and Google)

  • unlisted – your flip is available only for those who have the public link from you. It won’t be indexed by Google and it won’t show on your profile.

Publishing options

2. Title and cover customization

We know that most people judge books by their covers (despite the old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”), so we thought we should help you make marvelous flip covers.

Just choose the hardcover effect, and you’ll be able to customize the title and the cover for each flipbook (individual or in collection).

There are 4 types of title display:

Book covers

3. New languages

We’re very proud to announce that FlipSnack is now available in 3 more languages: French, German and Spanish. Just check our website and take a look.

Which one of these features is your favourite?


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