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Increase your readers’ engagement through interactive magazines

Enhance your digital magazines with interactive features that will not only make your publications look more appealing but will also keep your readers engaged and willing to flip through them. Use our powerful Design Studio to add videos, GIFs, links, captions, tags, and so on. With just a few clicks, you’ll easily take your online magazine to the next level.

Make your magazine interactive

AI-powered magazine maker for accessible magazines

Our AI magazine maker helps you create interactive and accessible magazines, providing monthly issues for all users online. Generate alt texts for each page or translate your magazine to reach even bigger audiences. We are just getting started with our AI package.

Accessible digital magazine enhanced with AI

Accessible flipbook player

Use AI solution to make your magazine accessible to everyone by automatically generating text summaries for screen readers.

Accessible templates

Flipsnack provides fully accessible templates, covers and content ideas to create your digital magazine.

AI for translation

With Flipsnack AI, you can easily translate text within the platform, reaching diverse audiences in seconds.

Upcoming AI features

Stay tuned for AI features like converting text into an image, generating and rephrasing text, plus creating statistics reports.

How to make an online magazine

Our interactive online magazine maker helps you create the most stunning magazines without any coding or design skills. It’s just as easy to create a digital magazine using one of our free templates, as it is to upload your own PDF files and publish them.

  1. 1. Upload your PDF or choose a magazine template

    Log into Flipsnack, then use our PDF magazine software to transform your static publication into a flippable one. Within minutes, Flipsnack helps you save costs & time by turning to digital from print. Or, pick one of our professionally built magazine templates and start the customization process from there.

  2. 2. Add professional images

    Images can make or break your magazine’s design. High-quality images give your online magazine a more professional feel. You can upload your own photos or use some high-resolution images from our free gallery.

  3. 3. Add your own text

    Use a font and a font size that makes your text easy to read and try to break your content into sections by using headlines and paragraphs. It makes your content more inviting and scannable.

  4. 4. Publish your online magazine

    Once you’re happy with your magazine design, hit the publish button to get your magazine online and appreciated by the world. Bonus tip: you can come back and edit your magazine at any time, even if it’s published!

  5. 5. Share your digital magazine

    Phew! Building a magazine is an intricate, creative process and you should be proud of yourself! Share it directly on your social media platforms with your readers and potential readers and see their engagement. Good luck!

Fashion Magazine Templates

Flipsnack’s online magazine creator helps you create professional and good-looking fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, or Glamour without a designer. Just pick a fashion magazine template and customize it to your own liking.

Create a fashion magazine

Science Magazine Templates

Share your science knowledge with the entire world by putting together a science magazine where you’re free to express yourself how you want. Choose a science magazine from us and start designing!

More science magazine templates

Food Magazine Templates

If you’re a great cook or simply a food who’s passionate about cooking, then you should definitely start creating your own food magazine on Flipsnack. Select a food magazine template and customize it to the fullest.

More food magazine templates

Business Magazine Templates

It’s always a great idea to share your business knowledge through a business magazine that you can personalize with your own content. Choose a business magazine template and start the editing process.

More business magazine templates

Lifestyle Magazine Templates

Lifestyle magazines can be about anything from home & living tips, health & fitness advice, and even beauty & style trends. Get inspired from these lifestyle magazine templates and start creating your own.

More lifestyle magazine templates

Stunning magazine examples created by our users

We’re always delighted to see how creative our users are when making their own magazine designs. Here are just a few examples that hopefully will inspire you to create and publish your digital magazine with Flipsnack.

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John Vickery

The Flipsnack online magazine compliments our hardcopy version fantastically, providing a fast uploading version for people to read on the go via their tablets enhancing our readership experience.

John Vickery

The #1 online magazine creator

Easy to use

Easy to use

No technical skills? No problem. Making a magazine has never been easier. Simply upload your PDF or choose a template, customize it and publish it.

Analytics and statistics

Analytics and statistics

Our digital magazine maker provides statistics, updated in real-time, and Google Analytics integration. Now you can see how readers interact with your online magazine.



Your digital magazine should reflect your business’ unique look to the fullest. Take advantage of Flipsnack’s branding feature and upload your own brand’s logo, fonts, and colors.

Page flip animation

Page flip animation

Your published digital magazine will copy the look and feel of a printed one. Our PDF magazine creator makes it possible to create such a smooth, realistic page flip effect.

Website integration

Website integration

Our digital magazine creator helps you to easily display your full digital magazine on your website by embedding it. This way you’ll be keeping your readers on your site.



Flipsnack gives you total control of the privacy and sharing settings of your online magazines. Publish them however you want - for public or private use.

Frequently asked questions

A magazine maker is a tool that helps you create online magazines. It allows the use of interactive elements and provides multiple easy sharing options so that your magazine reaches the widest audience on whatever platform they use. A digital magazine maker benefits your business by transforming the way you share information with readers, either internally or externally.

It depends a lot on your intent. If you’re planning to do it professionally, you’ll need to hire teams of writers, editors, and designers, which implies pretty high costs. Besides, you’ll also need to consider the number of your employees, the labor market, the magazine’s size, and so on. But if you’re thinking about starting small and doing everything on your own, then you can choose a digital publishing tool such as Flipsnack. Costs start from $32/month or $168/year. Make sure to check our pricing page for more details.

If you’re looking for a simple and easy solution that helps you self-publish your own digital magazine, then you should try Flipsnack. For more information in this regard, check the steps you need to follow that appear at the top of this page. You’ll also find a video where the entire process is explained.

There’s not a standard number of how many pages a magazine should have. It can be anything between 8 and 100, or maybe 150 pages. It depends very much on the content that it covers. For instance, many publishers stick to between 32 and 40 pages because, in general, readers are used to these sizes. However, if you want a more precise number, then keep in mind that 32-paged magazines are considered standard. There are very rare situations when an online magazine goes beyond 40 pages. As a piece of advice, make sure that no matter how many pages you’re going to choose for your next digital magazine, you’re also going to insert at least a double-page layout. It will give your publication a more stunning and professional look!

What else to try:

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