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Present yourself in the best possible way and land more deals, using one of the many business proposal templates from Flipsnack. Attract more potential clients by presenting your business proposal ideas in a fully personalized way. Business proposals are meant to land partnerships, and with us you can craft yours within minutes. Get started for free.

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Online business proposal templates ready for customization

Looking for professional business proposal ideas? Flipsnack is the perfect place to get you started. Whether you’re searching for a partnership proposal or a sales proposal, we have all your needs covered.

Picking one of Flipsnack’s business proposal templates, you keep your business plan proposals unique and tailored to your needs. No matter your professional goals, be it a business partnership, funding, or the prospect of a new client, address all of them by picking a business proposal template and branding it accordingly.

Design a business proposal

How to make a business proposal

  1. Pick a template

    Pick a business proposal template. We have many, so the hardest part is to choose the best business proposal example for you. Leave the first page open for a Title Page and then carry on with your Table of Contents, the issue your business wants to solve, price and your terms. This will be the basic business proposal format used for most situations.

  2. Customize it

    Now that you’ve picked one of our business proposal templates, take advantage of our Design Studio and fully customize it. Fill-in your business proposition and back it up with graphs, charts, and images. Our business proposal maker also allows you to make your proposals interactive by adding elements such as links and videos.

  3. Add your branding

    Make your business proposal idea a reflection of your brand and add branded elements such as your logo, colors, favicon, custom headers and footers, even a Fullscreen shareable URL. Those options, and many more, are there to help you enhance the credibility of your business proposal and also your brand.

  4. Share

    After you’re done editing, and your business proposal has all the flare on the market, sharing is now in your hands. Flipsnack provides a large number of sharing options, but we recommend a business proposal to be shared securely just with your target audience. For example, you can share it via direct link or by email.

  5. Download and print

    Physical formats are great for meetings, so having your business proposal PDF available will ensure you have all the presentation options readily available. Impress future clients by downloading your business proposal as a print ready PDF, and make sure you print it on high quality paper.

Optimize your collaborative efforts

Sometimes, teamwork is the way to go for bringing your business proposal ideas to life. With Flipsnack’s collaboration features you can control the workflow of your teammates or even work with multiple professionals from different teams by assigning them specific roles and permissions. On top of that, we made it easy to offer and receive feedback instantly by leaving comments.

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Flipsnack team collaboration options for business proposals

Different proposals, different publishing options

We have numerous publishing options, but for keeping your business proposal ideas safe, we highly recommend you to either set your business proposal as Unlisted or as Password Protected. This way you ensure that your business plan proposals are kept safe at every time, and only shared with the people you’ve chosen.

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Flipsnack business proposal publishing options

Sharing and distributing your business proposals

Sharable full screen reader icon


Make sure your business proposal is displayed elegantly on a fullscreen, so that readers don’t see headers, footers and any adjacent Flipsnack branding.

Email icon


Still among the most popular sharing options out there, you can email your business plan proposals directly from Flipsnack.

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Digital is great, but sometimes a physical format business proposal pdf is better. Download for print and be prepared for every meeting!

Frequently asked questions

A business proposal should include the following:
   • A catchy title
   • An organized table of contents
   • Your personalized solution to an existing problem
   • Qualifications and a value proposition
   • Price, terms and conditions
   • Case studies and testimonials
Starting from the steps above, it’s worth considering adding a deadline to convey a sense of urgency for your customers. Let them know your deal has an expiration date.

The number of pages should reflect the issue you want to solve and your personalized solution. Whether you’re working on a social media business proposal or a financial one, add as many pages as you want as long as the information is relevant and the overall design reflects the message. However, we recommend starting with at least 4 pages, but we’ve seen them go as long as 50 pages, for more complex proposals.

A good business proposal must reflect why you are the right person to get the job done. You’ve stated your potential clients’ issue, the value of your business proposal will be given by the unique solutions you offer them. Don’t skip the design part and add your branding to make sure you present your content in the most professional way possible.

What else to try:

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