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Your brand guide at its best

You want your brand guide to look professional and slick, because it plays an important role in how the brand is perceived. This is why you should present your corporate guidelines in a gorgeous, HTML5 digital brand book. It’s so easy! Simply upload your PDF to our platform and we’ll make it shine!


How to make a great brand identity book

The main goal of a brand book is to guide the way your company is presented to the public. Take the time to make the manual itself look exquisite, in 4 steps:

  1. Plan


    Meet with the branding team to discuss the guidelines that should be a part of the manual.

  2. Execute


    Design a beautiful, visually appealing document that respects all the brand rules.

  3. Export


    Save your project as PDF, because it is a great fixed format, suitable for both print and digital.  

  4. Upload


    Upload the PDF to Flipsnack to produce a professional, private digital brand identity book.

Design inspiration

Here are a few brand book examples, publicly available on Flipsnack. Use them as inspiration for your PDF or use one of our templates and design the entire manual with our tool. Length doesn’t matter. Just make sure that your brand book reflects your company’s personality.


Choose Flipsnack to elevate the look of your brand book

Private publishing

Publish your brand books as unlisted, so they can only be seen by you and your employees.

Password protection

Add an extra layer of security on top of privacy settings, by setting a restrictive password.

Professional look

The way you present your brand book matters a lot, so make it look professional with our tool.

Easy sharing

Copy your guide’s link and send it in a corporate newsletter, to share it with all employees.

Your logo

Personalize your brand book even more, by adding your corporate logo in widget.

No ads

We don’t place any ads in or near your book, so your brand will get all the attention.

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