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Elevate your portfolio with a seamless bookshelf solution. Dive into a world where every flipbook brings your business narrative to life. Showcase your offerings in a visually compelling way that captures and engages your audience.

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A simple solution for your content

Enhance your online presence with our digital bookshelf. Be it business offerings, product catalogs, or training materials, our platform streamlines organizing and sharing your materials, enhancing reader accessibility and navigation. Tailored to your goals, it presents content clearly and attractively.

How to create a bookshelf

  1. 1. Upload PDFs to Flipsnack

    Start by uploading every one of your publications directly into Flipsnack. This initial step lays the foundation for creating a comprehensive digital library accessible anytime, anywhere.

  2. 2. Organize your publications

    After uploading, easily rearrange your publications to organize them on the shelf. If you need to add or remove a flipbook at a later time, you can easily do that while keeping the same bookshelf link.

  3. 3. Create & personalize

    Once your publications are arranged, bring your bookshelf to life with custom names, logos, colors, and thumbnails, ensuring easy navigation and enhanced user engagement.

  4. 4. Share & track

    Maximize your reach with options for selective visibility, easy link sharing, website embedding, and email distribution. Leverage performance insights for content optimization and targeted audience engagement.

The bookshelves make organizing our learning modules a breeze, turning cluttered lessons into neat, engaging visual journeys.

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Instructional Designer

Personalize your bookshelf

Customize your bookshelf with names, logos, colors, and thumbnails for a distinctive style. Easy navigation, search functionality, and improved browsing enhance user engagement and streamline content discovery.

Build your bookshelf now

Share your bookshelf

Enhance your bookshelf's visibility and engagement with flexible sharing options:

  • easy link sharing
  • embed it on your website
  • send it via email
  • unlisted, only with select clients

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Track bookshelf performance

Gain insights from your bookshelf's performance through key statistics like impressions, views, and engagement. See how each flipbook performed within the bookshelf and use this data to improve content and target audience interests more effectively.

Who can benefit from bookshelves?


Customize bookshelves for each brand or client, meticulously organizing content to perfectly align with each specific marketing strategy and its unique goals.

Sales teams

Equip each sales agent with a personalized bookshelf, tailored for specific clients and countries, enhancing the impact of sales materials.

HR & Training managers

Centralize onboarding and training materials in dedicated bookshelves, to simplify access and promote an efficient learning environment for all involved.

Elevate your content with a digital bookshelf

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