Turn your product catalog into an online store

This product catalog maker is fully equipped with all the features you need to promote your business and drive revenue growth, through ecommerce catalogs.

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Create irresistible customer shopping experiences

Promote products in the most attractive way

Retailers publish catalogs and lookbooks because it’s a very effective strategy in luring customers with beautiful imagery and high impact headlines. You too should take advantage of this approach.

Smooth transition from catalog to checkout

It all comes down to this: your product catalog is only as good as the revenue it helps drive. That’s why you need to make is super easy for customers to shop directly from your catalog. Help they move easily from your promotional products catalog to checkout, with integrated shopping buttons and product tags.

How to make a product catalog

  1. 1

    Upload your product catalog as PDF (or design it yourself, we have many templates!)

    Start with a PDF or customize an ecommerce template. No matter your design skill levels, creating an online electronic catalog to promote your products is simple.

  2. 2

    Add product tags, links or “buy” buttons over product images

    Promote products in product catalogs, lookbooks or brochures by adding checkout options. Set all product details, including price and the checkout URL form your ecommerce site

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    Publish and share online

    With online ecommerce catalogs, you can get anyone to view your catalog, no matter where they live.

Create an e-commerce product catalog faster using our catalog automation tool

Create e-commerce catalogs faster with Flipsnack’s catalog automation tool. Populate your product catalogs automatically with product tags, prices, captions and many others by uploading your CSV file in Flipsnack or simply by connecting your file databases with our Design Studio.

“We've seen a nice jump in sales since making these interactive flip books compared to static PDFs we used to show”

Haley Neri
Marketing Coordinator

Expand your market with worldwide reach

Put your products on display in front of the entire world to see.It’s simple: a bigger market drives more sales, so don’t hesitate to embrace online ecommerce catalogs!

Our product catalog software is free to try, but we recommend upgrading, to make the most of it. Turn your simple product catalog into a truly powerful selling tool

Flexible pricing for big and small businesses

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10 product catalogs
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$ 420.00/mo
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50 product catalogs
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$ 948.00/mo
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500 product catalogs
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Selling has never been easier

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