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For your retail or wholesale ecommerce business, integrate Flipsnack into your ecommerce catalog management process. Upload your PDF catalogs in Flipsnack and make them interactive. Share your product catalogs with a simple click and keep track of their statistics in real-time. Get started for free.

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Smooth transition from the catalog to checkout

It all comes down to this: your ecommerce catalog is only as good as the revenue it helps drive. Make it easy for customers to shop directly from your catalog with shopping links. Help retailers move easily from your promotional products catalog to checkout with integrated shopping buttons, image spotlights, product tags, buy buttons, and more.

Make a catalog

How to make a product catalog

  1. 1. Upload your product catalog as a PDF

    Start with a PDF or customize an ecommerce product catalog template. Create an online electronic catalog without any design skills.

  2. 2. Add product tags, links, or shopping buttons

    Promote products in your digital catalogs by adding checkout options. Set all product details, including price and the checkout URL from your ecommerce site.

  3. 3. Share and expand your market with a worldwide reach

    Keep your existing customers updated about your latest products, and share your e-commerce catalog with potential new customers.

  4. 4. Keep track of statistics and measure growth

    See how your customers interact with your catalog: track the clicks, views, location, average time spent on the catalog, and more.

Integrate your ecommerce catalog with Shopify

Keep your customers on the catalog with Shopify integration. With Shopify buy buttons, they can add all the products to the cart directly from the catalog, and once done, all they need to do is proceed to checkout. So first, publish your e-commerce product catalog in Flipsnack and connect it to your Shopify database. Then, simply place an interactive pop-up and include the embedded Shopify code to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

“By using Flipsnack we bring the paper catalogue to the digital customer. Being able to embed product links has made it even more successful.” - Patrick McCauley

Patrick McCauley
E-commerce manager, Blackpepper

Automate your e-commerce product catalog process

Create e-commerce catalogs faster with Flipsnack’s catalog automation tool. Populate your product catalogs automatically with product tags, prices, captions, and many others by uploading your CSV file in Flipsnack or connecting your file databases with our Design Studio.

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Create shopping lists directly from the catalog

Streamline the selling process by placing shopping buttons and shopping areas in your catalog and editing them with the desired product information. Share your catalog with clients, allow them to select products, add them to a shopping list, and then download the list as a PDF. All directly from the catalog.

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Reach your target audience in an instant. Create your catalog, then share it as a direct link through social media or via email.



Gain access to a wide range of insights and reports. Discover how your clients interact with your catalogs and see how you could sell more.



Make your ecommerce catalog part of your brand story with branded colors, fonts, and logos. Publish your branded catalogs in full-screen mode.

Frequently asked questions

An ecommerce catalog, used in B2B or B2C, is a digital catalog that companies use to showcase or sell their products or services online. Similar to the traditional paper product catalogs, digital catalogs offer different benefits such as interactivity, statistics, and reduced costs. Ecommerce catalogs help you stay in touch with your customers, offer different platform integrations, and overall, help you sell more.

Digital ecommerce catalogs have an advantage over traditional catalogs, so create an engaging experience for your resellers or the end customers with the help of interactivity.
   • Include elements such as videos, or product tags, to offer detailed and accurate product information.

   • Offer a seamless experience to your customers, and allow them to add products to shopping lists directly from the catalog.

   • Use high-quality images, and include photo slideshows where possible.

   • Use CTA buttons and encourage your customers to take action.

One of the ways you could add a product catalog to your website is by embedding it with the help of an embed code. Flipsnack offers the solution for it, as embed is one of the sharing options you can choose from. Simply copy the embed code of your Flipsnack catalog, choose the embed size, customize the appearance, and paste the code on your website, in an embed box.

A product catalog is great for product discovery. It is much easier for a seller to make the customer aware of certain products and to showcase certain products in a catalog than on the website. Through a catalog, the seller can guide the customer through the browsing journey.

A product catalog also reduces the buyer’s journey and makes the shopping experience more engaging. A product catalog contains carefully selected products and all the necessary product information. Customers can make their decisions based on the catalog information only. Customers can engage with the catalog through the interactive features, and ideally, they can also buy directly from the catalog.

Showcase products through your ecommerce product catalog

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