Powerful data within your reach

We provide all the tools you need to analyze how your online publications are performing. You shouldn’t have to guess what sparks an interest in your audience or how effective your product catalogs are. So don’t guess!

Unlock statistics

Track trends and measure growth

The statistics reports and dashboards are very easy to understand. Analyze data history to identify trends or patterns and compare month to month reports to get a deeper understanding of market and consumers.

A plethora of reports

Your account overview report shows an aggregate performance summary for all of your catalogs. It includes total number of impressions, views, shares, downloads and average time spent on catalogs, data history, best performing catalogs, as well as the devices, sources and top countries from which your catalogs were viewed.

Catalog statistics

Views and engagement

We track every impression, view, share, download and the average reading duration for each catalog published on Flipsnack

Line charts

Analyze data history with 5 line charts perfect for spotting trends in recent history or over a custom period of time

Devices and sources

These graphs are perfect for helping you visualize what devices were used to access your catalog and how people found it

Locations report

An interactive map shows how many people from each country of the world accessed your catalogs.

Get access to insights

Get a deeper understanding of how people interact with your catalogs with our page level report. You’ll know exactly how many clicks you got on each page, and on each page element, as well as the number of views for each page.

Google Analytics integration for deeper insights

Connect your Flipsnack catalogs with Google Analytics to easily integrate your catalog statistics within your Analytics dashboard. Marketers can cross-analyze their website and catalog audiences to uncover valuable, tangible insights.

Connect to Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager integration

Through our Google Tag Manager integration you can add a variety of advanced tracking methods for your catalogs and profile. With Google Tag Manager you can collect additional info about your readers and track actions and conversions from flipbooks for research purposes or for retargeting. All without having to contact us to add tracking codes on your behalf.

Upgrade now

Upgrade now

The CSV download is useful for keeping tracks of records and for sharing account statistics with anyone from your marketing team. They will not need to log in to your account to have access to this data, because the CSV download simplifies the process. You may export data from your entire account or from a single catalog.

Download statistics (CSV)

Get access to insights

There’s no setup required. As soon as your catalog is published on our platform we start tracking data. However, you need a premium subscription to get access to Flipsnack reports. There’s no better way to analyze and optimize your catalog marketing strategy.