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Flipsnack is a complete and secure internal communication tool that empowers and connects every team. Within minutes, you can facilitate the distribution of your interactive corporate documents in the most private way.

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Publish secure documents with Flipsnack

One of our main assets here at Flipsnack is that we value security as much as you do, especially when sharing internal communication documents. That’s why we give you the option to restrict access to your private materials such as handbooks, employee benefits guides, newsletters, onboarding documents, and other internal content. You can safely publish all these documents and share them exclusively with specific people from your company.

Single sign-on authentication

The SSO feature allows you to authenticate users in your own systems without asking them to enter additional login credentials. This way, the registration process is easier and faster, because they don’t have to remember an extra username or password.

Add workspace readers

This option allows you to securely share internal documents with your team, as it requires login authentication. No one else will have access to these publications, except for the members in your workspace with read-only access.

SSO viewers access

Share your internal documents securely without requiring your employees to have a Flipsnack account. Offer them a smooth and instant SSO access by only introducing their company’s SSO credentials whenever receiving documents.

Increase engagement with interactive elements

Enhance your branded internal communication documents by adding an extra layer of interactivity. Keep your readers engaged with the help of GIFs, videos, links, captions, tags, iframe codes, and more.

How to create interactive internal documents in Flipsnack

  1. Upload PDF

    First thing first, log into Flipsnack, then upload your PDF and proceed to the next step.

  2. Add interactivity

    Transform your PDF into an interactive publication with the help of our powerful Design Studio. Add links, GIFs, videos, tags, and anything else you want.

  3. Share & publish

    Publish your interactive corporate document privately (with workspace readers) or send it confidentially to your employees through any of our secure sharing options.

Share your corporate documents privately

Flipsnack is a secure internal communication tool that allows you to share any branded corporate documents both easily and confidentially. Be them incident management handbooks, company newsletters, policy and framework documents, or even onboarding publications, you can choose from various sharing options:

  • send directly via email
  • share through a private link
  • send via internal group chat

Easily track your team’s activity through individual statistics

Flipsnack offers a broad range of statistics for your internal documents. Within our platform, you’ll have access to all your readers’ interactions with your publications; such as the total number of clicks, impressions, page visits, and even the average reading duration for each document.

If you’re interested in general statistics, Flipsnack also gives you the possibility to connect your internal documents with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Internal communication documents made in Flipsnack

Besides being totally secure, Flipsnack is also a complex internal communication tool that allows everyone to transform any boring PDF into an interactive experience. From internal guides and company newsletters to employee handbooks and health & wellbeing documents, here are some examples made by Flipsnack’s users.

Therese H. Lindeløv

Flipsnack helps us improve our internal digital communication. The features in Flipsnack make our collections and functionalities come alive and intriguing, helping us promote every level of detail and design concept, as well as material innovation to our store staff globally. From the beginning, Flipsnack has understood our priority of IT safety first, and their internal developers have worked to meet our high requirements. 

Therese H. Lindeløv
Creative Content Manager, Global Product

There is more to Flipsnack

Manage multiple teams simultaneously

Manage multiple teams simultaneously

It can get stressful to work on different projects at the same time. But with Flipsnack, you can create multiple workspaces and control each of them separately. Assign different roles to your team members to manage your organization even better.

Collaborate within one workspace

Collaborate within one workspace

Designers, marketers, managers, and other members of your team can collaborate on the same internal documents. Anybody can leave comments and notes instantly, saving you from the hassle of unnecessary meetings and tons of back and forth emails.

Organize by folders & subfolders

Organize by folders & subfolders

Flipsnack gives you the opportunity to arrange your internal communication documents in folders and subfolders. This way, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for in no time, especially when you’re creating large content libraries.

Frequently asked questions

Flipsnack is a complex digital publishing platform that can be used both for internal and external communication. You can create, share, and publish easily and securely interactive internal communication documents such as employee handbooks, internal guides, company newsletters, and so on. But you can also use Flipsnack for external communication. Within minutes, you have the possibility to create brochures, flyers, magazines, catalogs, and other types of publications that you can share by choosing one of our various sharing options.

There are some tips you should take into account in order to increase your employees’ engagement with the help of internal communication documents. First of all, you should create and send these publications as frequently as possible. Then, you should always insert interactive elements such as links, videos, iframe codes, captions, tags, etc. Also, insert surveys, lead forms, and ask for employees’ recommendations and suggestions.

We can refer to effective internal communication when we’ve achieved our main purpose: all employees have read the internal materials sent to them. With Flipsnack, you can verify this by tracking your team’s activity through individual statistics. There, you’ll have access to the total number of clicks, impressions, page visits, and even the average reading duration for each document.

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