Digital publications made interactive

Any document is instantly more appealing with interactive elements. Be it a magazine, catalog, brochure or internal newsletter, the engagement certainly increases when you include:

  • internal & external links
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • product tags, photo slideshows, charts
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Picture your static publication with this much interaction:

Built-in engagement with links

Encourage readers to interact with your publication through internal links like go-to-page buttons for better navigation or external links. Highlight the automatically recognized PDF hyperlinks by changing their opacity or easily insert a link button.

Immerse your readers through videos and audio

Keep your viewers hooked through videos, either YouTube or Vimeo originated, or upload your own. Customize the tooltip so it displays the message you choose when hovering over the button or video widget. To create a truly immersive experience, add audio files as MP3 format, before you finish with slow-paced GIFs for a little fun.

More interactive content with a clean design

Enlarge pictures with spotlight effect

Highlight any image to make it more attractive with the spotlight effect. It works wonders for catalogs, brochures, presentations, anywhere you’d like to see the picture in full-size with no design compromises.

Turn images into enticing photo slideshows

Become a better storyteller and keep readers engaged through photo slideshows placed in your interactive publications. Add up to 10 images and display them in whichever order you want. Try including it in listing presentations or travel brochures.

Flipsnack is a catalyst in the transition to a more sustainable business. It combines the feeling that a paper catalog gives with interactive and easy-to-use multimedia features that take the user experience to the next level.

Fabiola Vidal
Digital Marketing Product Owner

Extra interactivity for your documents

Social media buttons

Place them on the back cover of any publication you create. Use these buttons to share contact information and to grow your audience.


Offer readers more information about a certain item placed in your product catalog or brochure. Pick the font, size, text and even add a URL to your online shop.


A simpler way to add more information, using only text and a URL. The cool thing about tags is they’ll always have a glowing effect to catch the reader’s attention.

Get more prospects with customizable lead forms

Whatever reader information you want to collect, a customizable lead form helps you achieve that goal. Gain new leads for the sales team or data for email campaigns by personalizing the forms’ fields accordingly: full name, email address, country/region, job role. Download the responses as a CSV file for easy access.

Display data with interactive charts

Make data more appealing using interactive charts, to which you connect your Spreadsheet. Use them in business reports, internal documents to represent surveys or infographics with relevant information. Charts help you illustrate data in a way tables of blocks of text cannot reproduce.

Different chart types opened in a flipbook

Flipsnack helps us improve our internal digital communication. The features in Flipsnack make our collections and functionalities come alive and intriguing, helping us promote every level of detail and design concept, as well as material innovation to our store staff globally. From the beginning, Flipsnack has understood our priority of IT safety first, and their internal developers have worked to meet our high requirements.

Therese H. Lindeløv
Creative Content Manager, Global Product

More advanced interactive features

Embed anything into your publication

Include almost any type of content you want in your publications using any embed codes. Test the waters with virtual tours, interactive maps, contact forms for listing presentations, and see what fits best inside your interactive publications. Don’t leave anything out on account that there’s not any space left.

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Grab attention with pop-up frames

Expand the list of interactions you can include in your travel magazines, product catalogs or brochures with this popup content. Easily display various types of interactive content using pop-up frames that open on top of the publication’s page. Choose from surveys, presentations, photo slideshows, polls to capture the reader’s attention.

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Pop-up frames with virtual tour available in Design Studio

Offer context with products tags

Promote your products more effectively and give potential customers all the information they need before making a purchase through these product tags. Automate these tags via a CSV file, where you store the product data you need for longer catalogs.

Sell more via shopping lists

Provide clients with a quick way to shop directly from your digital catalog. Enable customers to add products to a list within the catalog, helping you keep track of orders. Communicate easily with retailers through this shopping list you’ll receive via email.

Increase engagement with interactive publications

Reach the potential of your digital documents