Turn your digital publication into an interactive experience

Enhance your online catalogs with interactive features and keep your readers engaged. Use our powerful editor to add videos, links, tags, and captions for a more attractive look. With just a few clicks you can take your online publication to the next level.

Make your catalog interactive

Built in engagement with links and buttons

Enrich your files with links, shopping buttons, and social media buttons. Once you set a link you can style it by changing the layer’s color and opacity. We automatically detect and keep your PDF hyperlinks, but you can always add more.

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Icon Testimonial

By using Flipsnack we bring the paper catalogue to the digital customer. Being able to embed product links has made it even more successful.

Patrick McCauley
Account manager, Blackpepper

Tap into the power of GIFs

Besides being a lot of fun, GIFs can communicate a lot more than a static image and create a certain mood. They are extremely versatile, and they can bring a lot of value in your marketing materials. So why not bring GIFs into your catalogs?

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Immersive multimedia content

Engage with video

Video and audio are two great ways to make your digital publication more interactive. It's also a nice trick to keep readers captivated/ engaged longer! Whether you have a Youtube, Vimeo, or self-hosted video, you can use our editor to place them directly on the pages of your catalog.

Delight with audio

Inserting audio files is very useful for creating audio books, or adding interviews and podcasts in your magazine.

Create annotations with interactive tags and captions

Tags and captions are extremely useful as you can offer your readers additional information regarding certain items presented in your catalog and you can position them anywhere.

Not to mention that you can actually embed video in the tag’s text box using iframe embed codes!

Sell through product tags

Selling your products using your online catalogs has never been easier. Use our editor to insert product tags and provide more information or promo content about your products. Provide your customers with a quick way to shop directly from your catalog!

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Use interactive forms on your publications

Next time you’re publishing a magazine, why not add a subscription form? This is a great way to let readers subscribe to your publication. Next time your issue will be ready you can simply email them your magazine. All submissions will be collected in a CSV file in your account.

Make your PDF interactive

Embed anything into your publication

Take advantage of our premium option to embed content in your catalog using any embed code that has the iFrame tag. This is a cool way to insert surveys, polls, presentations, slideshows, virtual tours, playlists, quizzes, carousels, panoramas, maps, contact forms in your digital publication.

Create your own interactive digital publications

Take your catalog to the next level