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Sometimes you need more than words and static images to convey ideas. Online digital presentation tools such as Flipsnack allow you to add video, sound and other rich media to your slides. Also, the animated HTML5 page flip effect lends a nice touch to your digital presentation, making it more appealing. Get started for free.

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Interactive presentations in 3 easy steps

Flipsnack is an easy to use online digital presentation tool that allows you to create presentations within minutes. You can use the online editor to create your digital presentation from scratch or just upload and publish if you already have one designed.

  1. Design

    Make the presentation outside Flipsnack and import it as PDF or design in with our tool.

  2. Enhance

    Add video, audio, tags and captions to create a truly interactive presentation online.

  3. Publish

    You can publish your presentation privately or set it public, so that anyone can view it.

That classic slideshow presentation look

PowerPoint slideshows are made up of horizontal slides, and display one at a time. If you want to get that same functionality with Flipsnack, you can! Use a presentation style template (or upload a PDF with horizontal pages) and tick the box for “single page view”. It’s that easy!

Communicate your message through charts

There are times when you need more than words to deliver your message. This is where charts come in handy. Choose between line, bar, or pie charts to visually represent data in your presentations.

Digital presentation templates

Beautiful designs for corporate and business presentations

Our software is packed with everything you need to create interactive multimedia presentations, including professional templates. Now you can make an animated presentation by customizing our ready-made page templates. Express your creativity by mixing pages from various templates to create a unique presentation. It’s easy and fun!

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Advanced features for professional presentations

Page flip animation icon


The page flip effect will make your presentation look more interactive.

Embed icon


Integrate the slideshow / flipbook on your website with the embed code.

Multimedia icon


Add video, audio, tags, captions and other interactive objects on slides (pages).

Download icon


Enable the download option for your presentation, so others can get a copy.

Mobile friendly icon

Mobile friendly

Your online presentation will be available in browser, on any device.

Professional look icon


The flipbook format is perfect for corporate and business presentation design.

Presentation ideas and examples

Check the examples below to see what you can do with our tool, and to get inspired. These examples were created by other Flipsnack users, but you can use them as presentation ideas for your future projects. Don’t they look extra special?

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Frequently asked questions

As the name suggests, a digital presentation is a virtual presentation that doesn't require the use of paper or other physical materials. As technology advances, the need for digital presentations is ever-growing, and that's because it's easier and faster to use an online digital tool, such as Flipsnack, to turn your idea into a virtual presentation.

The purpose of a digital presentation is to help you strengthen your message. Presentations combine text with pictures and graphs to make information easier to understand and remember for your audience.

Depending on your needs, presentations can come in many forms. Below you will find six of the most common uses of presentations:
   • Informative
   • Educational
   • Progress and achievements
   • Inspirational or motivational
   • Persuasive
   • Problem solving

Flipsnack’s intuitive Drag & Drop Studio is the ideal location for you to start creating your next digital presentation. Start your creative journey from scratch, or simply choose from one of our professionally designed templates.

What else to try:

Flipsnack empowers you to create a variety of on-brand digital publications, from magazines to online catalogs, and more. Try it today!

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