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How to convert your PDF to a flipbook

Follow this 4 simple steps to create an online flipbook from PDF with just a few clicks:

  1. 1

    Upload the PDF you want to convert to flipbook

    Just drag-and-drop the PDF file on our platform and click "Next"

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    Customize and brand the appearance of your publication

    Change the look of your flipbook and add more interactivity

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    Publish your online flipbook as public or private

    Control who can see your digital catalog by publishing it as public, unlisted, or password-protected

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    Share the link of your digital publication or embed it on your website

    Display the catalog on social media or send it via email to share it with your targeted audience

Examples of page turning PDF publications

The page flip animation will add something to your publication, making it a real page turner. Bring your paper documents online and convert them to a format readers are already familiar with and love. Give it a try! Create a flipbook from a PDF file. It’s free and it takes seconds.

PDF vs. flipbook
Why flipbooks are better

More shareable

It’s way easier to share a URL than an attachment. Think email, social media, file sharing services.


It’s easier to integrate a flipbook on a website, since it requires a simple copy+paste of a piece of code.


With PDFs you don’t get any stats at all. Our flipbook software provides complex, real-time actionable data.


There will be limited interaction in a PDF, but you can have video, audio, forms and captions in a flipping book.

Real feel

Readers love the page turning animation for the feel, look and even sound (optional) similar to real books.

Protect PDF

The flipbook format protects your PDF. No one can copy any part of it, unless you decide to unlock the download.

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