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Share your publications publicly or privately in a fast, easy, and secure way. Send your flipbooks as direct links, on social media, via email, embed them on your website, or as QR codes. Password protect your documents or share them securely only with teammates. Choose your favorite sharing option.

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Transform your PDF and share it as a link

Offer direct and easy access to your flipbooks via direct link share. A more appealing and interactive way to view a publication. No email attachments and no downloads required. Send the link once and update the publication as many times as needed. Share in fullscreen mode for an exciting experience.

Showcase flipbooks on your website

Keep your customers updated with your latest catalogs by embedding them directly into your website or platform. Make your publications easy to find and easy to access for an interactive reading experience. Customize the look of your embed for a seamless website integration. No design skills required, just copy and paste the embedded link. Here is how an embed would look on your website:

Promote your flipbooks on social media

Share and promote your publications on social media instantly. Choose a flipbook, click share, then select a social media platform. Or copy the shareable link and paste it into a social media post. Reach new audiences, maximize brand exposure, gain extra followers, and grow your business. Social sharing in a few clicks.

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Send your publications via email

Keep your customers engaged with periodical email newsletters. Upload your contact list, personalize your emails to your brand, and send them to your audience. All with ease directly through Flipsnack. You can even integrate a custom email provider if you wish.

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Email sharing in Flipsnack

Offer quick access through QR codes

Generate and download your publication’s QR code in seconds. Choose between three different download formats, and brand your code with a custom logo. Share the QR code digitally or physically, and allow your customers to instantly access your publications on their mobile devices with a simple scan.

Smooth access on your mobile devices

Your audience will go through the same visual experience whether they open your publications on a PC, laptop, or mobile device. Since Flipsnack publications are mobile-friendly, they maintain their high quality even on mobile devices.

Download and share


Download your publication as a PDF file. Choose web PDF for online sharing or print-ready PDF for printing.


Download your flipbook as HTML5, maintaining its interactive features. Perfect for self hosting or offline use.


Share a preview of your publication with the help of a GIF. Publish the GIF on social media for maximum visibility.


Share a 20-second teaser of what your flipbook offers. Publish it on YouTube or social media for a quick preview.


Download your entire publication in JPEG format. Choose JPEG for a more compressed format in a smaller file size.


Download your entire publication in PNG format. Choose PNG if you want a higher-quality format in a bigger file size.

Safe and secure sharing options for private documents


Unlisted flipbooks can only be accessed via direct link. They do not show up on your public profile, and they are not indexed by search engines.

Password protected

Password protected flipbooks use a password as an extra layer of security. No one can access these documents unless they have the password.


Private flipbooks can be shared with a trusted audience, via email. The most secure privacy option, it requires a Flipsnack account for access.

Extensive sharing options for your company

Share documents safely and securely with a specific group of people who have read-only access to your private documents. Alternatively, offer secure access to your documents without requiring Flipsnack authentication. Have total control over your audience, and share documents with people from your SSO system.

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Share publications however you want

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