Extensive privacy options for online catalogs

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Anybody can discover your public flipbooks, on Flipsnack or on search engines. This way you may get more traffic and more orders from your product catalog or you may grow your magazine readership.


The only way to view an unlisted flipbook is to have access to its direct link. It’s not indexed by any search engines and it will not be promoted anywhere on our platform.

Password protected

If you want to keep some of your flipbooks private, you can choose the password protection option. In this case, no one can share or access your documents unless you give them your password.

Share with specific people

We have introduced a new publishing option. Now you can choose to share your flipbooks only with specific people that you trust, by introducing their e-mail addresses. In order to save time, you can simply import a CSV file with their e-mail addresses all at once. This is the most advanced sharing option from us and also the best way to protect your flipbooks from strangers.

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How to set a privacy option for your catalogs

Here are some easy steps that will help you create and publish your catalog:

  1. 1. Upload a PDF or create your catalog from scratch and then click on the "Make it a flipbook" button.

  2. 2. Customize your flipbook’s appearance however you want. Once done with this, hit “Next”.

  3. 3. You’ll notice the visibility options on the left. Choose the privacy option that you want and hit “Publish now”.

Private profile

Simply turn off your profile to hide all your catalogs and your information from your profile page! Go fully private with a premium subscription and you’ll never have to worry about unwanted views.

It’s so easy to create and publish with Flipsnack. Wait no more!