Flipsnack for Enterprise

Integrate an Enterprise-level flipbook maker into your company. Create fully branded & interactive flipbooks for engaging communications. Make and share internal documents in a highly secure environment. A cost effective yet powerful solution for marketers, sales, HR, realtors & more.

Popular Enterprise features:

  • Automation
  • Advanced interactivity
  • Google tag manager
  • Advanced user management

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Use interactive flipbooks in every corner of your business

Get rid of boring PDFs and adopt highly interactive flipbooks in your organization. Boost engagement and track user behaviour with easy to understand statistics. See what your audience resonates with, and make improvements for better results.

Fabiola Vidal photo

Flipsnack is a catalyst in the transition to a more sustainable business. It combines the feeling that a paper catalog gives with interactive and easy-to-use multimedia features that take the user experience to the next level.

Fabiola Vidal
Digital Marketing Product Owner

Control your brand on a global scale

Empower your team to create branded flipbooks every single time. Flipsnack offers you brand management options like element locking to control the way your brand is being used. Add your logo and colors to everything you make, even to our Design Studio. Brand your own links with a custom domain so that everything you share is part of your brand.

Manage teams from a single dashboard

With Flipsnack workspaces, you can give each brand, branch, or project the separate environment it needs, all while managing them from one central dashboard. Give teammates access to only the workspaces they need to be in, and assign various roles and permissions to each of them. Have total control over what teammates can and can’t do based on their specific roles.

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Organized workflow for enterprise through Flipsnack workspaces

Your data is safe and secure with us

Through our GDPR compliance and highest security protocols, we provide a safe environment for you to create and share your documents. No matter what, you can rest assured that your data, information, and documents are safe, and can only be viewed by you and the people you choose.

Project status report secure sharing options

Count on private ways of sharing internal documents

a private document shared with SSO read-only access in Flipsnack

Share flipbooks with SSO read-only access

Share publications with your employees without requiring them to create a Flipsnack account. Offer instant and secure SSO access for reading internal documents.

a private publication shared with teammates in Flipsnack

Share publications with your teammates

Use your SSO system to share private documents with teammates. Require SSO authentication for the most secure level of document sharing.

Alisha VanTiem

Flipsnack has been a great tool for our HR Team’s communication needs. Their range of wonderful security options for our documents was the #1 selling point!

Alisha VanTiem
Sr. Benefits Administrator
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Set your team up for success with Flipsnack

Our Enterprise plan is built with powerful solutions that bring out the best in your business. From automation and product training to Google Tag Manager integration, get the most out of Flipsnack to produce amazing results.

Reduce the time it takes to make your flipbooks. Connect Flipsnack to your data sources and avoid unnecessary manual work.

Integrate your MLS system with Flipsnack and skip the tedious task of manually moving real estate data from your system to your real estate brochures.

Each Enterprise user has a dedicated account manager to help them with product training, direct communication, and more.

Integrate your digital catalogs into your eCommerce store, like Shopify, to really impress your customers and boost sales.

Integrate Google Tag Manager into Flipsnack for ultimate conversion tracking capabilities.

We have the capability to create any custom integration that you might need. Looking for something in particular? Let us know!

Integrate Flipsnack in your organization

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