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Flipsnack is a powerful Issuu alternative, an all-around solution for your publishing needs and beyond. Besides uploading PDFs and publishing them, Flipsnack’s Design Studio helps you make interactive PDFs or create flipbooks from scratch in minutes. Turn your PDF into an ad-free interactive publication in an instant.

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Use the fastest PDF converter on the market

Compared to the competition, Flipsnack has the fastest PDF converter on the market, and we can back the claim up with data. Turn your PDFs into top-quality catalogs, magazines, and other types of publications instantly. Upload single files or in bulk and witness the fastest PDF converter in action. Test it for yourself!

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Get support instantly

Tired of waiting for days or weeks for one email reply? Frustrated by the lack of help you receive? Your satisfaction is paramount for us, so we offer instant live chat support. For any questions you might have regarding Flipsnack, feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

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Flipsnack is a great PDF converter tool for interactive storytelling that funnels into lead generation and conversion – all within the same ecosystem!

Danny Wong
Head of Growth & Innovation

Turn your PDFs into an interactive experience

There are times when you need more than links and videos in your publications. You might want to include captions, product tags, charts, social media buttons, slideshows, and more. With Flipsnack, you have many interactive options to choose from to create an engaging experience for your readers.

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I love FLIPSNACK! We considered ISSUU and a few other online platforms to make our magazine but Flipsnack stood out with the many wonderful digital features. Our favorite is the embedded video feature that does not open in another browser but stays in the magazine page along with the clean and modern layout that is completely customizable. I love the support I receive from Customer Service each time I reach out. Consistent each and every time.


Here’s what else you can do with Flipsnack, the best Issuu alternative

Share your documents securely

Make your publications unlisted, password protect them, or share them by email. For extra security, opt to share them through SSO or set up two-factor authentication.

Bring teams to one workspace

Invite and assign different user roles to team members in your workspace. For total control, you can also enable and disable the functionalities of each role.

Maintain your brand identity

Brand your publications with custom fonts, logos, and colors. Lock elements on the page, save the publications as templates and publish them under your custom link.

Edit templates directly in our Design Studio

No matter the occasion, we have over 2500 customizable templates ready to go. And with Flipsnack, there is no need to download the template and edit it in a different program. Do so directly in our intuitive Design Studio. Select a template, edit it with content and features, then download or share it. It’s that simple!

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Gain insight into advanced statistics

We offer all the tools necessary to keep track of statistics and measure growth. With Flipsnack, you have access to easy to understand analytics for all your publications. Find out how well your flipbooks are performing and discover how your readers interact with them. For more in-depth statistics, we offer integration with Google Analytics.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on your needs, Flipsnack is a great Issuu alternative. Even though similar from certain points of view, Flipsnack offers more when it comes to interactivity. While Issuu is limited to links and videos, Flipsnack has a wider range of interactive features. One extra benefit is that users can create documents from scratch or directly edit a template in Flipsnack. In addition, users can upload and convert PDF files in both Issuu and Flipsnack, but Flipsnack has a superior converter. It is the fastest amongst its competitors.

Flipsnack is probably one of the better Issuu alternatives for different reasons. First, Flipsnack has the fastest PDF converter in the industry and offers a larger selection of interactive features. Besides that, users can also directly edit their publications, whether uploaded or created from scratch, in Flipsnack’s Design Studio.
Flipsnack also offers direct integration with tools such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. This allows the users to add different tracking methods for their catalogs and Flipsnack profile, as well as to get deeper insights into how well their publications are performing.
Through automation, users can speed up their catalog production process by connecting their product database to Flipsnack, then simply dragging and dropping products in their digital catalogs.
Unlike Issuu, Flipsnack is ad-free. Similar to Issuu, it has a freemium version, so feel free to test it.

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