Flipsnack for sales

Give your sales agents the necessary sales enablement tools to close more deals in less time. Empower them to create and share interactive sales materials with prospective clients with just a click. Keep a close watch on interested buyers through lead forms.

  • Ditch the PDFs for interactive digital publications
  • Share sales documents easily and securely with prospects
  • Track the buyer’s intent with statistics
  • Securely train your agents using the company’s SSO

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Your PDF sales pitch, but interactive

Catch the attention of your prospects with dynamic visuals in ways that static PDFs can’t. Provide more context for your services or products with links. Make pitch decks more engaging by including videos of your company’s values and mission. Easily access your product brochure on any device when assisting potential clients in-store.

Cleon McClure

As the eLearning specialist, I had to find a completely updated approach for the 500+ salespeople to train on medical devices and surgeon techniques. Flipsnack was hands down the best solution to deliver on-demand mobile training. With features such as inserting videos, images, working TOC, Flipsnack exceeded our expectations every time.

Cleon McClure
Communications Specialist

Gather prospects faster with lead forms

Always use a lead form for gated content like an ebook or article, product guides, or encouraging people to subscribe to your newsletter. Instead of offering a static, lifeless ebook, use Flipsnack to create an interactive flipbook, more interesting to read. Access all of the submissions in the statistics section of your flipbook and download them as a CSV file for easy storage.

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Leave your brand mark on every material

Branding must be an integral part of every pitch deck, sales brochure, or monthly newsletter you want to share with your sales department. Create branded publications by adding your brand elements to your account for easy access. Lock in the design elements which your fellow agents won’t be able to move around or change their size.

Branded templates

Create on-brand templates which your agents can use over and over again.

Include your brand kit

Add your logo, custom brand colors and fonts to every publication you share.

Lock design elements

Make sure no sales agent can change the position or size of your locked elements.

Branded bookshelves

Equip sales agents with tailored bookshelves they can manage and share.

Collaborate with agents on your terms

There’s a simple flow that you can replicate when bringing your team to Flipsnack. Create branded templates that your agents can use and edit, based on the roles you give them (e.g. agent, contributor, editor). Restrict certain actions within the Design Studio to ensure that only on-brand materials are shared with prospects or potential buyers. Organize your work in folders or using different labels.

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Safe sharing options for private sales documents

Use the link-only access option

Use the link-only access option

For pitch decks you don’t want visible on your profile or anywhere else on the web, publish them as unlisted. This way, only the prospects with the link can access it.

Share via full-view link

Share via full-view link

Share new product catalogs or guides with your agents with a click. Make easy online updates without resending the link and ensure compatibility with any device.

Share with specific prospects

Share with specific prospects

Send the buyer’s guide, or newsletter directly into your prospect’s inbox for one of the most private sharing options. Personalize the email with your brand.

Track your buyer’s intent and behavior

Streamline your sales strategy by leveraging statistics to understand prospect behavior and the impact of your sales collateral:

  • Incorporate lead forms into your pitches for timely follow-ups
  • Use information about views, clicks, and time spent to make data-based decisions
  • Boost your insights by integrating Google Analytics
  • Create unique links to track personalized engagement

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Advanced private sharing for internal training materials

SSO for viewers

SSO for viewers

It’s necessary to share private training materials with your sales agents in a secure manner. Invite agents in your Flipsnack account without the extra credentials that a new account would require since they’re already part of your company’s SSO.

SSO for readers

SSO for readers

For the most advanced level of security, add readers to your workspace. They’ll need an account before accessing call scripts, training and demo materials, how-to guides, and more. Require SSO authentication for the most secure sharing option.

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To align every involved department, such as marketing, sales, customer service, and product management in order to enhance sales and facilitate the creation of resources needed to present the products or services in the best light. With the ultimate goal of improving the buyer experience through means like a better CRM system.

There are a few simple steps to take in order to successfully put together a sales enablement strategy:
   •Have every deal, account, and contact information in the same place
   •Constantly communicate and collaborate with your agents
   •Provide feedback
   •Give your agents the necessary tools to do their part at full potential
   •Organize all the sales collateral, offering easy access
   •Dedicate time for thorough training and educating agents

Features like statistics access or lead forms are available starting with the Professional plan and Business. However, in order to access even the most private sharing option such as SSO viewers and readers, you would need a custom plan. Contact us for further information about our plans.

If you encounter difficulties when designing or creating sales resources, our help center is constantly updated in order to quickly find the relevant information. For more complicated situations, feel free to contact us via live chat support or phone support.

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