Flipbook examples created with Flipsnack

Examples of Flipbooks Made With Flipsnack

Check out these lovely magazines, catalogs, presentations and flipbooks created with Flipsnack

Looking for an example of flipbook animation? Here you have plenty flipbook presentation examples, including magazines, brochures and reports, on various topics.

Book previews
On flipbooks
Business presentation
Kasja Cramer

Flipbook examples made with Flipsnack

Promotional flipbooks are a great way to spread information about your business and an important part of any marketing and advertising strategy. Turn your printed leaflets into digital flipbooks to grow your business online.

Organic Index
Rebi brochure
Ardingly prospectus
MKTG brochure
CW Hemp

Brochure examples

When you design a brochure, you want it to look professional. You can easily get that effect with our tool. Discover great brochure examples made using Flipsnack: real estate brochures, travel brochures and flyer examples.

Covered Magazine
Maykezine 8.0
Magazine template
Huuskes Magazine
Design Magazine

Magazine examples

Check out the digital magazine examples below to see Flipsnack in action. The 3D page flip animation makes these fashion and trade magazines interactive. Bring your design to life by turning your magazine into an online flipbook!

Lazybones catalog
VanDahl shoes catalog
Annabel Trends catalog
Souris Mini catalog
Bob's Store catalog
Winser London catalog

Catalog examples

Present your products and services in a digital catalog to inform customers about new and seasonal products, offers and promotions. Here are some examples of professional catalog examples made by Flipsnack users.

Star Tribune pamphlet
Student Futures pamphlet
Flyer example
Pamphlet example
Sziget festival pamphlet
Fashion Week pamphlet

Pamphlet examples

Flipsnack is the best way to present anything: business presentations, project proposals, case studies, reports. Forget about PowerPoint slides, try a page-flipping presentation to add that “wow” effect to your publications.

Report template
Urban Forum Report
Make-A-Wish Report
Fairbanks Report
Downtown Santa Ana Report
Gatorwell Report

Report examples

When it comes to reports, technical and business data isn’t everything. The presentation format is just as important, in making the report look professional and polished. Revamp your reports with Flipsnack!

Green Studio example
Travel photo album
Photography portfolio
Photo album example
Travel memories booklet
Visual portfolio example

Photo album examples

Photographs are a great way to keep the moments that matter alive forever. Now, you can also create beautiful, personalized digital photo albums so you can easily share your memories with friends and family.

Virtual bookshelf example

You can add all your documents to a virtual bookshelf, and put it on your website. Your website visitors will be able to engage with your publications and read their selected book. Here’s how a shelf widget looks.

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