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Engage with potential clients at a new level with the help of digital flipbooks. Transform any static PDF into page-flip publications like magazines, catalogs, and more. Add interactive features in Design Studio such as videos or GIFs, publish online, and share your flipbooks easily with a link. Save costs, increase engagement, and see how clients interact with your publications. All within the same platform.

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Interactive flipbooks for marketing

Power up your marketing game with interactive publications such as flipbook magazines, catalogs, brochures, and booklets. Keep your audience hooked for longer by adding links, videos, GIFs, and product tags to your static and boring PDFs.

Go the extra mile and see how your readers interact with these engaging flipbook ideas. Track their behavior via easy-to-understand statistics directly in Flipsnack; then make sure to create the kind of content that resonates with them.

Product catalogs

Turn your PDF catalog into an interactive selling tool with Flipsnack. Upload it directly into our platform and make it pop with product tags, captions, and buy buttons. But don’t stop here. Speed up your wholesale-resale process by allowing customers to add products to a shopping list directly from your flipbook catalog.

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Digital magazines

Ever wondered how to keep your readers more engaged while flipping through your magazine, be it a travel or a fashion one? You start creating online magazine examples filled with interactive elements such as videos, photo slideshows, or even spotlight images. Break the common rules of this publishing industry by simply choosing Flipsnack.

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Real estate brochures

Design branded, interactive real estate brochures and sell properties faster. Just upload your PDFs in Flipsnack and watch it transform into an engaging piece of content. Include virtual tours, add clickable maps of various locations and immerse today’s home buyers.

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Travel brochures

Promote astonishing adventures to your clients by offering them alluring travel brochures created in Flipsnack. Add videos and photo slideshows of the sightseeings, then embed the brochures into your travel agency’s website so that anyone can see the offers.

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Marketing brochures

Promote astonishing adventures to your clients by offering them alluring travel brochures created in Flipsnack. Add videos and photo slideshows of the sightseeings, then embed the brochures into your travel agency’s website so that anyone can see the offers.

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Medical and health brochures

Choose Flipsnack as the bridge between your medical care services and your patients. Build trust by creating interactive branded brochures where you can showcase lots of medical products. Share them via email or unlisted, depending on your receiver.

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Education brochures

Empower modern day education by picking a complete solution for both teachers and students. Flipsnack provides the perfect environment to create engaging and innovative school brochures by simply uploading your static educational materials.

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Share your flipbook ideas however you want

Direct link

The easiest public sharing option. Send your flipbook examples as direct links & access them from any device. Share once, then update the links as many times you want.

QR Code

Allow your customers to quickly access your flipbooks on their mobile devices with just a scan. You can choose to share the QR code either digitally or physically.

Social media

Share and promote your interactive documents on social media immediately. Reach new levels of engagement and grow your business with just a few clicks.


Keep your readers updated with the latest publications by embedding them directly into your website. No coding skills required, just copy & paste the embedded link.


Send your flip book examples as periodical email newsletters & keep your readers updated. Upload your contact list and customize your emails to your brand with Flipsnack.

Branded link

Build trust among your readers with fully branded document links. Connect your website domain or subdomain to your profile & remove all Flipsnack branding.


Boost engagement on your lookbooks and easily convert readers to customers with the help of interactivity. Add videos, clickable elements, and photo slideshows instantly.

Create a digital lookbook


Impress your clients with stunning portfolios that will definitely catch their attention. Upload them in Flipsnack and then add engaging elements to make them pop.

Make a digital portfolio


Take your journalistic work to the next level by transforming your static PDF newspapers into interactive ones. Use Flipsnack and see how your content comes to life within seconds.

Create a digital newspaper


Get all the attention and attract more customers with the help of an alluring flyer design. Insert GIFs, links, spotlight images, and let interactivity speak for itself.

Create a digital flyer
Fabiola Vidal

Flipsnack is a catalyst in the transition to a more sustainable business. It combines the feeling that a paper catalog gives with interactive and easy-to-use multimedia features that take the user experience to the next level.

Fabiola Vidal
Digital Marketing Product Owner

Corporate documents

Flipsnack is home to many companies that want to protect PDFs from unwanted views. Here are some flip book examples of newsletters, guides, reports or presentations made more interesting and engaging with interactions.

Companies choose us for the most private sharing capabilities — from unlisted to shared through their SSO system; Flipsnack helps protect sensitive information from being seen by the wrong eyes.

Employee benefits guides

Onboarding documents such as employee benefits guides or handbooks can often be overlooked. Especially when printed. HR professionals chose Flipsnack to digitize these flip book brochures and securely share them with new employees. Why? Instead of printed documents, they can share interesting brochures in the safest environment.

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Internal newsletters

How to make engaging internal newsletters employees will want to read? By turning them into highly interactive internal newsletters. Big brands use Flipsnack as a partner in their internal communications strategies to reach employees wherever they are and reach new levels of engagement.

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Reports, Presentations and Business Proposals


Reports are no longer plain and boring when they’re in Flipsnack. This report maker is used by companies, NGOs & schools all over the globe.

Create a digital report


With Flipsnack you can also make great flipbook presentations. No more boring slides, just engaging and highly interactive presentations.

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Business proposals

Business proposals are meant to be private. Move from PDF business proposals sent as email attachments to highly secure proposals.

Design a business proposal
Keywords Studios
Keywords Studios

Flipsnack has been a great tool for our HR Team’s communication needs. Their range of wonderful security options for our documents was the #1 selling point!

Alisha VanTiem
Sr. Benefits Administrator
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Most advanced private sharing options


The most basic private sharing option. When a flipbook is published unlisted, only the people you share the link with can access it.

Password protected

When a password protection is added on top of a flipbook, it means that only the people who know the password will get access to that content.

Specific people

When shared with specific people, documents can only be accessed in Flipsnack. To view them, you would need an account.

SSO for readers

This sharing option requires the safest authentication. You can connect your SSO with Flipsnack and add readers to share documents.

SSO for viewers

Want to connect your SSO but don’t want to add the entire company as readers in Flipsnack? You have the option of sharing with viewers.

Embed restriction

Don’t want anyone else but you to embed your publications on your website? In Flipsnack you can restrict this.

Why should your company use Flipsnack?

These flip book ideas are proof that digital flipbooks should be a staple of any business. Whether we’re talking about promotional materials meant to be shared with a large audience publicly or private documents meant to be seen only by a few, Flipsnack is the go-to flipbook maker. Bring your brand forward, make a long-lasting impression with added interactivity, collaborate with teammates, and share flipbooks in the safest environment. All in one place.

Visual representation of the best Flipsnack features for making digital flipbooks.

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