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With Flipsnack’s collaboration features your catalog’s production will run smoothly from flatplan to publication. The entire team can work together to improve productivity: editors, designers, art directors with production managers.

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Manage people and workflows

Page notes and comments

Get things done faster, with less back and forth, less emails, fewer meetings

The ability to review and leave comments on each page is extremely valuable. It helps teammates provide specific, contextual comments, saving you from the hassle of unnecessary meetings and the tons of back and forth emails.

Page notes and comments

Keep your entire team on the same page

Team members can communicate on the same document and give each other feedback or leave comments as soon as a new version is released. This helps keep the entire team is constantly in the loop regarding the latest developments.

Keep your entire team on the same page

Save all publication assets in a central hub

All uploaded fonts and images are instantly available to all teammates sharing the digital workspace. Don’t waste time using additional file sharing systems or sending attachments via email.

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Save all publication assets in a central hub

Manage multiple workspaces

Working on many different projects can get quite stressful at times. Things can get unorganized very quickly. Not to worry, by creating multiple workspaces, you get total control of each project in its own environment and even who has access to it. Learn more about workspaces

The team works better together

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Add users and assign roles to streamline workflow

Assign roles to your teammates, depending on the level of access you want them to have in your workspace.

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Approval mechanisms for collaborators

We’ve implemented a “review” mechanism to provide you better control measures over what collaborators produce on your account. Once they finish a project, they can send it to be reviewed by an editor or admin.

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Private sharing with your team

You can privately share corporate documents, reports or design drafts with just a few selected people from your company, and no one else will have access to those files.


Collaborate on the flatplan and turn it into a publication

The ability to collaborate on the flatplan is valuable in itself. Take the flatplan to the next level, by turning it into a fully designed catalog, all in the same Design Studio.

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Create and save flatplan templates, fast and easy

You can quickly save and reuse your flatplan templates. No need to start from scratch every time, when you already have a way to create, reuse and edit templates. Simple and hassle-free!

Create and save flatplan templates, fast and easy

Simplify your publishing workflow with Flipsnack